When I think back on the memories I had back in Bainbridge Island, one of the best involves living in the natural world.  The balance of peace and fear while canoeing through the waters of Blakely Harbor. Waking up early to do hiking trails on the mountains and experience wildlife at Grand Forest West. Getting lost during stargazing under the light of a full moon at our backyard. These moments always remind me of how wonderful nature is.

Since then it is always my mission to let everyone know around me why caring for the environment is important. I majored in environmental science and policy back in college and created Renewable Energy Today to encourage individuals and businesses to promote clean and renewable usage of energy.

Climate change is serious and it is happening.

My experience of being in nature opened my mind that there is always something special out there. We have to protect it especially now with the threat of climate change.  Renewable Energy Today aims to educate everyone on the different types of energy and the importance of saving power. Also it encourages producing electricity with fewer environmental impacts and generating lesser carbon dioxide, the leading cause of climate change.

I want everyone to care for the mountains and the waters, protect what’s in it so that the future generation can still have enough food to eat and clean water to drink. We don’t want a dull and boring world, do we? If you want to help keep the mystery that is held within our nature, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Hey, my name is Matthew Donnelly, but people mostly call me Matt. I was born and raised at Bainbridge Island, Washington by my loving environmentalist parents who gladly introduced me to the natural world.

I was interested in environmentalism since high school and even took environmental science and policy at the University of Washington. Since then, I have been an Environmental Analyst for 15 years. I handle disaster recovery, demolition projects, and infrastructure and redevelopment projects for housing and urban development. So monitoring the impact of a population in the environment, identifying environmental concerns, and formulating solutions is my forte.

If you need my help, don’t hesitate to contact me through my page, Renewable Energy Today.

Matthew Donnelly