Amazon Solar Farms US East

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

November 2014 we introduced the lengthy-term purpose to power the global AWS infrastructure with a hundred% renewable energy and set intention to acquire at least 40 percentage via the top of 2016 with the renewable vigor mission now we have introduced to date we are on monitor to exceed that intention AWS is now set a new goal be powered by 50 percent renewable power via the tip of 2017 over the past two years AWS assigned energy buy Agreements enabling for new wind farms and six new sun farms within the u.S. These six sunlight tasks make AWS the most important corporate backer of sunlight vigor projects east of the Mississippi Amazon sun farm u.S. East is an 80 megawatt sunlight farm in Virginia this is now the largest sunlight discipline the entire mid-atlantic vicinity I need to thank Dominion and Amazon for coming together 260 megawatts of new sun here in the Commonwealth of Virginia it’s first-class for the atmosphere additionally it is a high-quality job trader when you believe about it six counties now hundreds and hundreds of latest jobs good-paying jobs it has taken literally Virginia from zero to main the nation saying that is the proper factor to will we’re competent to appoint about 300 men and women here within the county with the project it does loads for the economic system that cash goes to go to a lot of places certainly schools and education dominion Virginia power is an extraordinarily most important accomplice for us we have work hand in hand with them to improve a unique contract that helps us combine our renewable investments into our broader portfolio of energy purchases Amazon is an extraordinarily large patron of ours they’ve been very occupied with developing the quantity of the electrical energy they use to power those data centers from renewable sources we have been doing everything we are able to to support with that and these new sun farm contracts or whatever that Amazon is showing the leisure of the trade neighborhood in a country the best way to go about doing industry like this together AWS is ten renewable vigour projects will generate a complete of million megawatt hours of yearly with our solar farms totaling 260 megawatts Virginia has swiftly end up a leader in sunlight development that is pleasant news for Amazon a company dedicated to sustainability we also will strongly encourage our companions in govt to enhance insurance policies that proceed to aid renewable projects get off the bottom

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