Red Giant Solar is a 100% Australian-owned company run by teams of experts in renewables. The firm believes that in order to make a difference, one must constantly innovate. Through this, the company creates new measures to make solar energy more viable and worth spending. It targets to solve two dilemmas at once, and that is to combat climate change and provide consumers an affordable energy bill.


Red Giant Solar offers various innovative solar solutions. From consultation to assessment, design, and installation, the company tailors its services according to the individual demands of clients whether for domestic or commercial settings. Thus, ensuring that the customers get the most out of the products it provides at an efficient cost possible.

The company only provides high-quality products with cutting-edge technology. Starting with the vanguard of the solar system, the Solar Panels. This structure is made up of photovoltaic cells that absorb light and convert it into a direct current of electricity. To utilize the DC electricity produced, it requires the use of an Inverter. This allows the conversion of DC into a usable kind of power called alternating current or AC electricity.

Solar Battery is another product Red Giant Solar offers. Using the battery storage system greatly impacts the ability of the consumers to manage their electricity more efficiently. How it works is that it simply allows the users to store the excess solar energy produced during the day into the battery. Thus, at night or at times when the solar power is low, the battery will duly take control of the electricity supply. In this manner, the users will gain the opportunity for better savings as the need to buy energy from the grid is likely minimized. Furthermore, earning credits is still made possible by sending the spare amount of energy to the grid after the batteries are fully charged.


Red Giant Solar is one of the leading solar solution companies in Australia. It caters to a wide variety of services for households and business establishments. It is currently available across the states of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, and in the Northern Territory.


The cost of availing the solar power system from Red Giant Solar depends on the specific needs of the client. The team will conduct appropriate consultation and assessments in order to come up with a custom-made design to suit the individual requirements. This will then be duly approved by the customer itself prior to the commitment to the installation. Click to request a quotation.


  • 24-hour Customer Support – Unlike other energy companies, Red Giant Solar provides 24-hours customer support to its clients. Thus, addressing the concerns more promptly and effectively as it should be.
  • Tailored-Fit Services – The company does not simply sell its products. They take efforts to consider the prevailing circumstances of the client in order to ensure the system works according to the demands thus maximizing all the benefits.
  • Brand Affiliation – Red Giant Solar is providing its clients with only high-quality products. Hence, they only offer the most trusted brands in the market including LG, JinKo, Fronius, SunPower, Trina Solar, and Enphase.


  • Lesser Actual kWh – There were several customers who reported that they were receiving a lesser amount of energy than its solar system’s intended maximum capacity. It was said to have been usually giving off only 80% of what is expected. 
  • Installation Delays – Some of the clients encountered delays in terms of the preparation of necessary paperwork and scheduling of the installation of the meter and other structures. Nevertheless, the quality of its installation services remains excellent despite the delays.

Overall, Red Giant Solar is a very promising company that has proven its reliability in the market. It has successfully made solar energy more accessible and affordable for Australian consumers. Thus, providing more people nowadays the chance to make a difference in the energy industry by utilizing the renewable power of the sun. Hand-in-hand, the Red Giant Solar community can someday implore a positive impact on the environment through innovative and sustainable solutions.