Acciona is one of the leading providers of sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects internationally. One of its prominent business division in the market today is involved with the renewable energy sector. With more than 30 years of experience, the company equitably became a reputable supplier of renewable electricity exclusively generated from various sustainable technologies such as wind, hydroelectricity, biomass, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.


To be present in the wind power value chain itself is the primary business model of Acciona. From the development up to construction, operation, and maintenance of the wind farms, the company offers its indisputable expertise every step of the way. At present, it is operating 223 wind farms across 14 countries generating a total of more than 7,600 megawatts of installed capacity. Hence, making it one of the biggest wind power developer globally. In Canada alone, there are 4 wind farms owned by the firm and another one installed for a third-party customer. It has been producing 181 megawatts in total and 103 megawatts attributable. Plus, the project built in Nova Scotia that is generating about 102 megawatts of total capacity.

The hydroelectric power is Acciona’s second technology in the production line. This used to be part of the modernization process of the small hydro plants which, later on, lead to the development in the construction of a new network of plants. Up to date, the company owns and operate 76 plants located in several river basins in Spain. It has been efficiently generating an overall capacity of 876 megawatts making it the second-biggest source of electricity after wind power.

Acciona also renders its expertise in the design, construction, and operation of industrial biomass plants for the generation of large-scale electricity. As a pioneer in southern Europe, it was able to establish a standard of 30.2-megawatt biomass facility at Sangüesa in Spain way back the year 2002. Two more plants were being constructed in the same country thereafter.

Now, as for the photovoltaic solar power, Acciona also happens to be the pioneer in the installation of large photovoltaic plants with a bearing capacity of greater than 1 megawatt. The firm started building solar facilities in 2001 and as of this day already has 30 plants under its profile. This includes those that are owned by the company itself and the ones that were created for third-party clientele. In total, it has successfully installed over 1,136-megawatt peak from the said facilities around the world.

Another innovative technology offered by Acciona is the Concentrating Solar Power or CSP. The first plant was launched in 2007 as the grid was connected to Nevada Solar One, a 64-megawatt parabolic cylinder situated in the Nevada desert in the USA. Thereafter, five more CSP utility-scale plants with solar trough technology were constructed and owned by the company. All of which are located in Spain and are producing a total capacity of 249.80 megawatts of electricity. In addition, a 1-megawatt facility was also built in the United States for a utility company, Arizona Public Service (APS).


It claimed to be among the biggest renewable electricity company globally. Apart from its availability in Canada, Acciona has been delivering sustainable and efficient energy systems internationally across 20 countries from 5 different continents. From Europe to North and Latin America, Africa, Oceania, and even in Asia, the company fully offers its wide range of services to various types of clientele.


Unfortunately, the details for Acciona’s renewable energy services are currently not available online. For inquiries, you may directly email or phone-in its head office in British Columbia, Vancouver at +1 604 622 6550.

Acciona is beyond just a 100% renewable energy company. It also renders its work in different areas of the value chain from development to construction, operation, and management. Furthermore, it is well established too in other business divisions such as infrastructure construction, concessions, water treatment, industrial engineering, and other services. Its decades of experience in different industries strengthened its core foundation and has demonstrated unquestionable reliability on its expertise. Thus, its proven competence paved the way for the firm to grow and expand its market internationally. Making it possible for its wide array of services to become accessible to currently 20 countries and counting.