Bullfrog Power is a privately-held Canadian energy company founded in the year 2005. It was heartily created with a vision of transforming the energy outlook in Canada. The firm follows a simple yet effective scheme. Once the customer chooses to sign up with Bullfrog Power, the firm ensures to offset the generic electricity consumed with cleaner and greener energy. Today, it is one of the leading providers of renewable electricity to domestic and commercial establishments throughout the country.


Technically, all the electricity generated from both renewable and non-renewable sources is all sent through the national grid. That being said, it is likely impossible to directly transmit purely green energy into the customer’s power lines. Nevertheless, Bullfrog Power gives the consumers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprints by replenishing every kilowatt-hour of electricity used with clean energy. The power the company supplies is sustainably sourced from wind and low-impact hydro power plants.

The same goes for Bullfrog Power’s gas supply. Every gigajoule of gas customers had consumed will be replaced with climate-friendly biofuel. The natural gas is derived from the process of the decomposition of various organic materials such as food scraps and agricultural wastes in an anaerobic environment. The output produced is a mixture of gases such as methane and carbon dioxide primarily. Using biofuel conveys lesser environmental impact as it does not emit new batches of CO2 in the atmosphere apart from those involved in the carbon cycle only. 

Furthermore, Bullfrog Power also offers green fuel. It is a renewable alternative to liquid fossil fuel used in the transportation industry. It is obtained from different biodiesel producers that are repurposing waste streams from used cooking oils of restaurants and kitchen facilities for example. This green fuel will offset liter by liter of non-renewable fuels consumed by the customers. The production and actual usage of this biodiesel is less carbon-intensive thus significantly aids in lowering untoward greenhouse effects.


Bullfrog Power’s headquarters is currently situated in Toronto. Nevertheless, it is delivering its services to a wide range of clientele from Ontario, to Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, up to the Northwest Territories in Canada. Presently, it has been powering over 10,000 homes, 1,200 businesses, and supporting more than 130 community-based sustainable projects across the country.



Green Electricity

Green Natural Gas

Detached Home

From $11.25 / month 

up to $21.25 / month

  • From 450 kWh up to 850 kWh per month
  • Reduce personal carbon footprint by 0.9 tonnes up to 1.6 tonnes per year
  • Supports development of new community-based green energy projects across Canada

From $16.50 / month

up to $33.00 / month

  • From 110 m3/ 4.2 GJ up to 220 m3/ 8.4 GJ  per month
  • Reduce personal carbon footprint by 2.5 tonnes up to 5.0 tonnes per year
  • Supports development of new community-based green energy projects across Canada

From $26.95 / month

up to $52.60 / month

  • 850 kWh & 220 m3per month
  • Reduce personal carbon footprint by 3.4 tonnes up to 6.6 tonnes per year
  • Supports development of new community-based green energy projects across Canada


1-10 Employees

11-25 Employees

25+ Employees

$37.50 / month 

  • 18 MWh clean renewable energy annually
  • 3.2 tonnes CO2eemissions reduction per year

$93.75 / month 

  • 45 MWh clean renewable energy annually
  • 8.1 tonnes CO2eemissions reduction per year


  • Custom usage
  • Associated emissions reduction

*Prices are in CAD.



  • Quality – The company only sources its green energy from facilities with EcoLogo certification and compliant with the strict standards set by ICF international. Thus, rest assured that the electricity, natural gas, and biodiesel it supplies the consumers are guaranteed of the highest quality. 
  • Supporters & Affiliations – Bullfrog Power gained solid support from more than 50 environmental and health organizations including WWF Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, The Pembina Institute, The Lung Association, and The Asthma Society among many others. Furthermore, these groups not only offer their support but at the same time, they also utilize the company’s green energy itself to power their facilities.
  • Accreditation – The firm is the first Canada-focused renewable energy partner of CDP, or formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project. Companies who choose to transparently disclose their emissions following the CDP guidelines are required to commit in maintaining a reputable predisposition in lowering the environmental impact of its energy consumption.




  • Indirect Access to Renewable Energy – Despite paying a certain amount for renewable energy, it is still not feasible for it to be supplied directly to the power lines of Bullfrog Power customers. Basically, the entire electricity from all sources is being transmitted to only one grid. Once mixed, it is likely improbable already to be sorted out as renewable or nonrenewable. 
  • Cost – Apparently, being green nowadays come with a price. Bullfrog Power customers are compelled to pay more as compared to consumers under traditional energy companies. A few extra dollars on top of the regular rate may not be that much in exchange for greener energy. However, the amount is still significant enough to put a dent in the pockets of individuals with a limited budget.


Bullfrog Power is an innovative company with ambitious goals towards the betterment of the environment. Being one of the pioneers, it was able to deliberately offer its genuine commitment to providing Canadian consumers with high-quality energy. Moreover, its supply is ethically derived from renewable sources and is duly supported by various organizations, accreditations, certificates, and awards. To further act as a catalyst for change, the firm is consistently supporting various community-based projects to promote sustainability and improvements in the future of the energy industry.