EKOenergy: the renewable energy ecolabel

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

This is Peter and this is Peter’s business. Peter cares in regards to the environment and he desires to buy renewable energy due to the fact he knows he wants to cut down his carbon emissions. But can Peter do more than just buy renewable? Can he show individuals that he cares where he will get his vigor? With EKOenergy Peter can do this. For example, EKOenergy best approves wind farms centered external of protected nature areas. It’s independent and internationally well-known. So while you put them on your merchandise customers recognize that you just source your energy. By using buying EKOenergy you also tasks in the developing world.

From sunlight powered water pumps in Senegal to sun-powered properties in Peru, your of EKOenergy goes some distance. So for Peter, the option is obvious. He buys EKOenergy and via he suggests that his energy is easy and sustainable.

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