ENGINEERING MYTH: Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy?

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– hi there everyone, I’m Jess. I’m currently unemployed. I make videos about engineering, science, and conservation. And in these days I in attractive Romania. It is definitely crazy. When I acquired here, and the complete week that i’ve been here, I’ve felt like Romania is practically exactly like Canada. There may be a lot attractive nature that is untouched and the persons are so first-class, it simply relatively rings a bell in my memory of Canada. So, why am I right here? I am presently visiting with the Balkan River safety workforce and we’re sort of on a Balkan River Tour, which is why we’re in Romania. What the Balkan River defense is making an attempt to do, what we’re trying to do right here, is we’re speaking to the neighborhood men and women and…

Fairly, on the website, on the rivers, kayaking the rivers and looking on the semi-unlawful damming tasks which can be occurring. – going to the, to peer a dam now. It can be like, apparently, it was once under construction after which they ran out of money, so um they stopped constructing it and it’s similar to a big half of-developed dam in the middle of nowhere. The water flows through the tunnel. So, right here you would not have, it can be all typical. All the water the river is it, go the mountains on this tunnel and the tunnel arrive within the metropolis like yet another dam. – So clearly this might be just like water provides for… – yes, yes. – For a further dam. – For an additional dam. And it’s not allowed to something like this. – So if you want, they are attempting to gather all of the water from. To – They already made a pipe system who’s guiding all the water to or lakes.

So there may not be a dam now not, there is probably not a dam right here, only just pipes to take the water to the town river. So this can be a park, a countrywide park. Natura 2000 is known as an I understood that from European laws, that’s not allowed any longer pipe programs with a view to taking the water to different dams. They begin the constructions a long time in the past, it used to be an awfully ancient challenge, but they stopped few years in the past, the development discipline, on account that they do not have adequate cash to finish. – Did you ever are attempting contacting Brussels, or trying to, I have no idea, go straight – Yeah, yeah we tried. Also, it was once here we tried to- also we despatched letters, authentic letters to European group. However… We haven’t any help, and we try to manage the whole lot here inside of our country.

We need support from external, but for the second we don’t have it. And… I think it’s usual to have it, we’re in the European group, and we’re a part of this. It’s now not correct, here in Romania to be this sort of the construction, unlawful building, and nobody from European group to return to say it is now not allowed. It’s not correct in my opinion. We suppose, the character, we want to maintain nature. And we love the river, the candy river, due to the fact that we travel up the river. It is beautiful, nature right here, it can be awesome. It is wild, it can be filled with animal, and full of fish.

The river is filled with fish, and if this river disappears, the entire ecosystem is destroyed, and it can be bad. It is bad. Yeah. – So we’re practical to enter the place of work of the Mayor of Gura Teghii, and we additionally attempt to speak to him concerning the development of this valley. And confidently he consents that there must no dams be built. – (speaks in Romanian) and…Sh- rock maybe, you inform one more story for a further nation. It has to discontinue, this type of venture. – Aha, yeah, there’s, perhaps we should tell him that there are nearly 3000 dams deliberate within the Balkans, so…

– (interprets to Romanian) – And most of the time they are small dams and they don’t furnish so much electricity, they usually only a solution to earn cash for folks… (gets interrupted) – (translates to Romanian) – So that is form of a delusion that I wanted to talk to you about at present. Which is, you understand is damming renewable energy? Is hydropower renewable energy? Is it sustainable? And I believe which you could definitely appear at every single one of our renewable energies, wind energy, sunlight power, you know, hydropower, tidal power. How renewable are they? From the outside, you suppose probably, yeah, these are tremendous renewable energies. However, this small little river at the back of me, if it can be dammed will best supply just a little bit quantity of energy. But it loses the complete ecological worth.

All of them, there is, it appears this is the most bear-populated vicinity in all of Romania, which is a form of crazy. So we’re no longer leaving any meals in our tents or some thing. But, yeah the bears will come, they are going to drink the water. Right now, we’re fishing, we’re kayaking the river. The locals here, they rely on fish from the river, and so they do not need their river dammed for the small quantity of energy that is not even going to head to them. So from that viewpoint, is it rather renewable? In my opinion, I don’t feel so. Now I am not announcing, I comprehend I am a form of biased, given that I’m a kayaker, and I am no longer pronouncing, “Oh, we will have to wreck all dams”.

I’m just pronouncing that we have to make smarter, scientifically advised selections about what we’re gonna do with our average assets for energy. We ought to take into account ecology, we need to don’t forget the local community. Where is the energy going? Is it valued at it to dam a hundred small rivers? Or one significant river? These are all scientific and engineering questions that really have to be taken into consideration. And regrettably, it is now not the truth. It can be not what’s taking place, it is most likely not what’s happening here in Romania, and it is simply kinda unhappy. People simply utterly consider hydro vigor without being instructed, and that i simply need to venture you guys at present to believe about matters along with your own mindset, with your own scientific lens, and do not simply hearken to men and women, due to the fact your professors, whatever, just on account that they are saying so. You understand, now you are getting you to possess degrees, use your brain.

That is my satisfactory advice for you, use your mind, and benefit from nature. So that is it, guys. The next day we’re gonna be hosting a bunch of college students and taking them on the river, and then Saturday we’re gonna be doing a gigantic river cleanup with the locals. So, should you wanna see more, then please recollect to subscribe. When you have any questions, otherwise you wanna interact in a friendly debate within the comment section, then please comment under. And… Yeah, I believe this is the style of the subject that we can all learn from each and every different. So, thanks so much for watching.

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