Grant helps improve renewable resources

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

Of georgetown getting more praise for its use of renewable resources to power businesses and homes cavies juan Rodriguez shows us how a new grant is helping the city do even more the city of Georgetown is powered by not only win but also solar power and while elected officials throughout thousands of miles away receiving this one million dollar award businesses like this one say it’s not only a win for the city of Georgetown but for the environment as a whole the strum of strings is what keeps kids music guitars running is a big honker here I mean amplifiers use quite a bit of electricity so the use of electricity it’s a heart and soul for this small business to 250 or 300 a month that sounds terrible the city of Georgetown won a million dollar grant to help improve the use of renewable resources for a million dollars we can do seven to nine batteries and we can outfit 10 to 13 homes with solar panels the idea is to have the city produce its own energy by placing solar panels on roofs of businesses and homes so you are monetizing something that’s just sitting there right now you get ten to twenty dollars per month for releasing your rooftop or you could get guaranteed backup power in cases of emergency or when or when the power goes out so hopefully that our energy cost will go down with the efforts that are being made there we go that’s the sound you want right there it’s an effort to help the environment ken hopes only changes his electric bill for the best bottom line is if it reduces our cost you know that it doesn’t increase our cost that’s what counts for me any way you know this books person what the city manager’s office tells me that they plan to make use of this one million dollar grant by 2019 in Georgetown why nobody is caved your news

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