Homeowners share why they used EnergySage to go solar

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

Any query that I had or any question that I could suppose of, they would either reply or in the event that they did not have the answer to that query they might most likely get back to me with that reply. I virtually had no proposal about the right way to locate an installer. The one folks that I knew of that did solar set up where one of the vital larger countrywide businesses except I discovered EnergySage which allowed me to seek out extra nearby installers that gave me more competitive bids. I had a choice of getting multiple rates from a couple of vendors and subsequently, I would discover a neighborhood provider who could meet my standards very quickly and really fee-effectively. EnergySage was equipped to take the charges, put them online so it was once beautiful simple with a couple of distinct clicks and to be competent to evaluate apples to apples. I loved essentially the most being able to see at every enterprise on one page and evaluating them on one page rather than if I needed to do it myself, I’d be looking at a piece of paper and putting them and formulating them collectively.

By way of the whole procedure, we more often than not saved $3000-$5000 I’d estimate, based on the early fees and then the later fees. I consider the EnergySage internet site used to be an enormous help in the process due to the fact that he’s at his place of work, I’m doing anything I have got to achieve this we’re at two different locations but, you know, he said, “ok look at this understanding” and it used to be there. We certainly felt more in manipulating of the method when we worried EnergySage. My overall experience with working with EnergySage was impeccable. It made the whole thing so much simpler for me and my husband. It made matters efficient, amazing… It used to be an exotic experience and I am completely satisfied now I know that it can be there.

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