How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid

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Yeah howdy every body and welcome to this sequence we’ll speak about how to vigor your house or apartment from sun energy now first of all i have to say thanks very much to xodar who’re sponsoring this series as you’ve gotten known should you adopted another of my videos David of X prior and his corporation kindly donated all his time to put in sunlight vigor of my condo and what i like about XLR and and the organizations that for person who have a quality option and style in phrases of products and manufacturers David himself like me enjoys tinkering and finding solutions to issues so he enjoys very much getting involved within the science and making it work well so I definitely admire the enter now at present what i go to do that entire sequence goes to cover off from identifying whether or not you wish to have an onboard approach and off-grid procedure the varieties of sun panels the place to have a charge controller or a grid tie inverter or micro inverters battery financial institution the solar panels that fee involved is not worth that the complications of doing this in south africa vs somewhere like Europe or the states so they’re going to be quite a few few movies overlaying that off and what I ask you is that as I start these movies start posting your comments and questions as we go along and armor training company there may be into the movies as they go along by all approach if the video series has been accomplished or whatever has been cut off and also you slap a question put up a comment and i will do my first-rate to answer for you and it can be valued at posting a video on it i will do what we will begin at present though it’s getting understanding all on grid that is off grid however earlier than I stroll you by means of this little snapshot and and talk about on grid vs off grid and what the grid is and let me simply exhibit you probably the most equipment so that you’re conversant in what i am speakme about after I color this diagram and then we will get down and provide an explanation for it adequate so let’s begin off by looking at these sunlight panels we are going to speak about these in detail later on a narwhal would even refer you to a couple other movies that up perhaps I speak in regards to the efficiency of the extraordinary forms of solar panels beneath one of a kind stipulations so the one factor to note that in these days which you could get less expensive panels from china and what have you however you wish to have to be mindful that when you do want to use your panels with high voltage systems which is anything we will talk about you have to recollect the fine the construct quality and how they put together and that’s anything we’ll speak about in phrases of the gaps with the connectors we’re additionally going to talk about monocrystalline that is poly crystalline and amorphous and which appeared to participate in better under what conditions this is an MPPT charge controller so it’s a maximum power factor tracking cost controller and this gadget is whatever our factor out which is in particular useful in off-grid programs because it takes the energy from the sun panels it converts it does a dcd to DC conversion carrier on the correct voltage in your battery bank to cost a set of batteries this can not provide energy immediately to your condominium and that’s why this exact unit is more unit is more valuable in off-grid methods however we’ll have a appear that once we come to the precise diagram itself right so here we’ve got the grid tie inverter this inverter takes the sunlight energy immediately from the sunlight panels and converts it to your mains electricity to feed your residence immediately and even to feed back onto the grid so this this unit right here is the grid tie inverter and this can be a common inverter so this does not take vigour directly from the sunlight panels per se it may be fit from this we will opt for up vigor from the grid tie and it may possibly use it however this is used to take energy from a battery financial institution and convert that to a sea parte y or how so it will possibly also cost the specific battery bank itself and that i simply exhibit you down right here I’ve received a giant bank of lead crystal batteries i have been doing study into one-of-a-kind battery technological know-how to search out what is exceptional and our decides to move they bank of lead crystal batteries but these are the accessories once more they may be speakme about in that diagram to that so we get an working out of how that all worked together right right here we have now an power reveal now the one rationale i bring up the vigour screen is that probably the most primary matters to have an understanding of when you are going to or given that including solar vigor to our apartment you have got to fully grasp you ought to scope and size the requirement of your vigor source and to do this you have to realize how much vigor utilizing which you could of course have a appear to a monthly bowl but finally what we want to do in the series as good as have a look on the exclusive monitoring gear to both measure your loved ones plat vigour all the character vigour requisites for each of your home equipment are we going by way of the methods that you are able to do that with the different types of brand new displays and measuring apparatus now the opposite thing a good way to even be speakme about within the method principally on the subject of understanding the solar vigour in South African context is the pay as you go meter the specific sort of vigor meters at your vigor manufacturer can furnish you with and the advantage challenges that they are able to pose so that is off see the energy corporation power meter it is a battery monitor and plenty of this apparatus what i’ll do for the extra advanced humans as i am going to go into man or woman tutorials on how on how these work and how you can configure them considering that these have plenty of configuration parameters to make them work appropriately to be able to display your your installation safely proper probably the most different things we will be speaking about is how one can make your house run extra effectually given that the more effective you make your apartment run the less energy you need out of your sunlight method which is going to tends to be highly-priced so here what I’ve done in our house this is that kitchen we used to have a set of massive fluorescent tubes which threw up quite a few power and these are LED tubes now that these most effective use a third of the vigour that an all set of fluorescent tubes use but there are some downsides that ought to be viewed with LED lighting fixtures of this variety i’ve a LED lighting fixtures and in my house and i’m definite i will walk you via that and check out and show you when LED lighting fixtures is appropriate or now not and in addition cfl lighting as well we additionally then have a appear at distinct monitoring application to understand how were your solar rays actually performing I screen my telephone array simply on account that i’m entry to have an understanding of what daily energy i am getting from my solar array out of interest i’ve obtained a 82 2250 what array on the roof and on the second at the opening of spring if i have a a full day of sun i’m going to get about kilowatt hours out of that array on a nasty day the previous day we had a day when it was overcast and raining I still managed to get about kilowatt hours out of it so this is anything which to understand to recognize how well your process is going to participate in at exceptional instances of the yr so once more at this support you with sizing your rate cater for whether or not you want to certainly generate money from your approach or simply vigour your apartment and to fully grasp can you energy your condominium they usually’re cloudy stipulations and how will participate in below wintry weather ok so let’s get down and have a seem on the the first set of basic matters to fully grasp and that’s an onboard approach versus off-grid process so let’s have a seem at a ordinary on grid process and the add-ons and potentially have it all cling collectively so initially after we talk about on grid we’re talking the grid could be your electrical energy company or in the case of south africa with say is calm in view that we now have a country wide vigor corporation there is no competitors it is just one supplier however the grid feed essentially the electrical power feed which comes into your condominium as AC power and that may be in the states can be 100 and ten volts or inside baskets – 20 or in within the UK is 240 so that is your principal grid feed into your residence now to get sun power on to all grid-related condominium you could then have a solar panel which is installed on your roof or in your property someplace it can then feed a grid tie inverter now keep in mind i pointed out that grid tie inverter what they may be first-rate time voted does it takes the direct present DC vigour that comes out of your sunlight panel and it instantly converts it to AC vigor which will instantly vigour your residence now this is quite often one of the vital most cost-effective and most effective approaches of getting a process energy you are utilising sunlight vigor to energy your condo the other choice is to make use of as i stated that MPPT cost controller you would have that these dotted strains I’ve bought going to a that what I’ve famous use a flex max which is that the model of the cost controller i have so it could feed a charge controller which then charges a banker batteries that financial institution of batteries would then have to go by means of a separate giant inverter which should you do not forget I also pointed that and that would then convert that to AC energy to power your condominium now what is the challenge with this process for one you gave whenever you go by way of a gadget like a and an inverter or via a suite of batteries you are going to have losses which are going to make your your procedure or inefficient so in this case if you didn’t have the nice time vert and you went went by means of your your charge cost controller you started by way of there you may have losses over right here then you definitely placing vigour into battery which has resistance and losses while you put it in at then has to come out of that battery their losses through another inverter their losses earlier than it go into an feed your condominium now these programs in phrases of using batteries for the most part for those who are not looking for you do not need to use batteries considering the fact that they rate a lot of money which you can after exchange them each couple of each three to 5 years and issued by fairly pricey bank of batteries which will final 15 to twenty years you wish to have batteries for those who you wish to have to cater for a power outage from the grid so if the grid fails then you have got a backup supply to energy condominium when there isn’t any grid now in South Africa we have an getting older grid network which hasn’t been maintained so that is one reason why i set up the a bank of batteries to quilt for outages also due to the fact that at this point in time in view that i cannot feed again onto the grid I wish to take advantage of use out of the solar energy which is coming which is hooked up on my residence our loved ones for the duration of the day ordinarily makes use of takes too lengthy on natural at about 800 2000 watts but I’ve bought 2,200 what’s established on our roof so that can be hand on account that on a cloudy day although there is a drop in the power of the roof i will be able to still run my condo however i’m then losing honest bright sunny day i’m losing the talents of all that vigour in view that i are not able to feed it again to the Griffin and attain credit score for it so what I do is I cost i am going via a grid tie inverter which is far more effective than going via a charge controllers that directly goes through the grid tie inverter and feeds my condo any excess energy is in pulled by means of the higher inverter and charge the bank of batteries that suggests at night time time i can then use that excess vigour cost saved up within the batteries and feed that again into the house at night time so i’m now not utilizing the grid and once more when the morning comes I then use that excess vigour to recharge the battery bank that as I stated that is steeply-priced which you could get away and shrink the rate price of your approach through literally just having a giant financial institution of sun panels and a great time vertor and for the most part in the States and Europe these are the forms of programs that they use and i’m her foot refer you to a link of considered one of my viewers known as Matt he is simply mounted a 5 factor two kilowatt around his house and it’s a unique construction he does some aerial photography and i if you’re interested do go and have a seem considering it rather is a nice installation however what I wish to point out is Matt makes use of another science which is really interesting you can find I’ve acquired a observe about micro inverters now what you are able to do i’ve one grid tie inverter for a whole financial institution of nine sunlight panels these solar panels must be our connect needed to be carefully related in order that they they they push the path by means of to the nice verte inverter in probably the most efficient means so that you just maximize the vigour coming off them they are connected in sequence so it manner if anybody of those panels is shaded or just isn’t eventually pointed to the solar it may draw down the vigor of the entire bank of sunlight panels now that is anything I you you have to be careful with with installation and anything after live with when you consider that for one we do not we do not right here in South Africa have a tremendous market of micro inverters but on Matt’s set up you can have he has one small inverter / sunlight panel and that means you get the highest efficiency from each solar panel and in case you have a crisis with both one solar panel or correctly when you have a failure on my approach of the only grid tie everything goes down if in case you have a micro inverter on every solar panel that you could still have a failure and have the entire the rest of your expense up and dealing but just the one aspect panel or inverter will be down so let’s just talk about feeding again onto the grid in our deal predicament what you need to do with your excess energy versus seeking to pump it right into a battery financial institution you wish to have to feed it again to the grid with the intention to fine achieve credit and even and money back out of your energy organization for doing that and for essentially the most part in Australia in Europe and the USA you can do that right here in South Africa lamentably we’re just a little in the back of the times we’re enjoying seize-up it can be about to occur their combat bringing this factor referred to as internet metering which is what their you do is the meter is a meter to have an understanding of what you utilize and what you suggestions in some instances no cash exchanges fingers you simply gain credit score for to ward off after which at night time for example you employ that could you pull again off the grid and use that credit that you had the satisfactory technique to appear at that is to check out and recognize how that will work over a yr when you consider that most likely you need to account for wintry weather and you may generate a lot more vigour and summer after which be pulling back more throughout the winter months and so that you must attempt to dimension your array appropriately if that’s what you wish to have to do in South Africa we now have these prepaid meters so at the moment we must have an intelligence procedure that disconnects the grid when i have entry cross that doesn’t suggestions and that i exploit it internally in the apartment there are we what we will go right into a discussion on easy methods to clever to use that vigour whether it’s pushing into the back to bank or wise load diversion with the aid of low diversion I imply switching your low to both warmness up your geezer with the surplus energy or swap for your pool pump while you’ve got the excess vigor in order that you do not waste any of your extra power from your sunlight panel correct so let’s now appear have a look at it off the grid approach now surely in South Africa this is generally at this point in time one of the areas the place individuals are willing to spend money on fault photovoltaic energy mostly speaking you probably have if you have a farm or a holiday cottage which is off the overwhelmed track within the mountains and it’ll fee a lot of money to carry the grid to your condo it is some distance extra price-effective – then deliver in a method a a solar vigour procedure which is able to sunlight vigor your house independently now in the on the grid procedure one does need to be careful and calculate should you fairly want to power your condominium as so much as which you could you ought to cautiously calculate what your power requirement is however in many instances it can be no longer that primary if you happen to get to have the grid connected seeing that that you would be able to perpetually get energy for grid that you would be able to always develop your power requirement over time as you will have money however in off the grid method you have to have sufficient vigour to energy the house entirely when you consider that there is no grid so that’s what you ought to recognize calculate the power requirement of your lights any heating cooking entertainment methods and check out and make them run as effectually as feasible the endless the advantage efficiencies that you just reap within the condo will say it is going to save you cash thrice over and the motive for that’s that any extra energy you want wants to be k – cated for potentially in additional sun panels probably in a bigger inverter or charge controller after which a greater battery bank so that is why it’s some distance more cost effective to make your condominium run more successfully that need to spend the extra cash in three extra locations to provide the additional vigour to your condominium now in off the grid process you can probably function some distance extra effectively principal grid connected techniques you need to cater for home equipment which might be walking at 220 volts or mains and as I mentioned whenever you start going by way of a cost controller or batteries or an inverter you begin shedding effectivity and off the grid approach in an superb world what you want to do is have your sun panel bringing your your your energy you go by way of your charge controller which you have got to do since you have to manipulate the quantity of cost which goes into your battery bank an MPPT charge controller makes the gathering of energy of your sunlight panel a long way more efficient i have a video which explains in ppt which i’m going to hyperlink to over right here however as soon as you’ve got acquired the energy coming into your battery you potentially have the option in and off the grid method to try and run as match of the family off let’s assume at 12 or 24 volt forty volts or 48 volt approach for instance you probably have a 12-volt approach you would possibly vigour you’re down lighters and lighting fixtures instantly from that 12 volt that implies isn’t any inverting it manner it is a far more effective use of the energy coming from your your energy source of the battery financial institution of direction you may also have to introduce an inverter as I’ve bought here so that you perhaps competent to partly circular some matters of 12 volt but then you definitely also might have some appliances or amusement programs which want mains voltage both a hundred and ten or 220 after which you can take these through an inverter and into your condo so that’s an off-the-grid process the place you shouldn’t have the grid feeding your apartment proper side I do hope that variety of offers a just right or introduction into sun vigour and in terms of displaying the exclusive one of the vital special add-ons and off-grid vs on grid there is tons more to speak about and a number of the questions which have imposed to me up to now and notably in for the south african market is is it financially manageable going this route on the second and what I plan to do is i’m quite seeking to do some calculations to show what techniques might probably be fired conceivable on the second in South Africa the one thing for me that’s fairly foremost is on the moment people must appreciate it over the last 4 years due to the fact 2008 our electrical power costs are ordinarily doubled they’ll double once more with them the following three to 5 years we also have the obstacle that is not enough money has been invested on on our pirate and i suppose probably the identical perhaps from what I hear the state’s could even suffer from the same difficulty they have an getting older just right as good now for those who do have those disorders that probably you’re going to have extra power outages after which the the economic viability would critically by means of be that way nikon inconvenience if you shouldn’t have electrical energy in South Africa we’ve acquired a tiered system for what you pay for electricity so should you use less electrical energy the quantity of kilowatt-hours you use per 30 days emerge as more cost effective as you step up and start using about greater than 100 and 50 kilowatt hours which of direction most households wouldn’t can be making use of extra like six hundred two thousand kilowatt hours plus whenever you begin bringing your your keyboard utilization beneath these specified thresholds you stop paying lots less per kilowatt hour so my purpose for my approach used to be to get below 600 kilowatt hours I used to be quite simply using a thousand kilowatt hours eight hundred thousand kilowatt hours and i bring intellect under 600 Lord hours I instantly store a lot more money so we’re going to go to a dialogue about that we additionally possibly where it turns into extra viable unique persons in Europe and the states is that you just get rebates for your systems in South Africa we don’t so as I said please do post your questions they were going to cover of things like power element anybody raised an awfully fascinating point about energy aspect mostly energy factor is whatever you do not ought to worry about in a exclusive house on the grounds that direction factor is not measured by using your metering system and the you probably have a foul route back to your residence it is the electrical energy organization that takes a knock that is extraordinary for significant industry nevertheless if you are producing you our own energy does vigor component play an element and possibly it does and that is some thing we will examine so it is they stop posting comments about the questions that you would have wish to see answered and i’m going to most likely be going too some distance more detail the entire individual components to exhibit what section that play and the unique choices and execs and cons of each each and every of them anyplace thank you very much for following the series if you happen to do need to follow them then certainly do subscribe what does support is in the event you do give a thumbs up and write the movies and share them on your Twitter or fb feeds thanks very much for observing yeah

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