ACTIV8 SOLAR ENERGIESActiv8 Solar Energies, previously traded in 2004 as Ciaran Marron Electrical, was established in 2007 by its founder and CEO Ciaran Marron. Presently, it is Ireland’s largest installer of solar energy systems. It has gained more than 12 years of in-depth knowledge and experience that is duly supported with ISO 9001 accreditation, IWA backed warranties and reliable partnerships. The company undoubtedly became one of the most trusted supplier and installer of solar systems in domestic and commercial clientele across Ireland and in the United Kingdom as well.


The use of solar power is one proven effective way to reduce carbon emissions and cut down the demand for electricity generated from fossil fuels. Activ8 Solar Energies is technically a solar power system provider. The firm offers a variety of solar panel solutions to conform accordingly to the demands in a household, in business establishments, and even state-led projects. Its Solar PV or Solar Photovoltaic system converts the solar radiation into direct currents of electricity through the use of semiconductors in the panels. This type of system provides consumers with up to 25 years of performance warranty. That simply translates to free electricity in at least the same span of time or more likely even longer. Not only will it generate electricity to power the home, but the excess energy also can be used to heat the water system before the remaining will be transferred into the grid. 


Another kind of technology called the Solar Thermal System is being offered by the company. This utilizes the high-temperature heat collected from the sunlight to efficiently generate electricity. This is basically used to supply consumers with hot water at all times. However, the use of a boiler is then required during the colder season to sustain its desired function. The system can actually contribute an average of up to 60% of annual hot water needs thus subsequently reducing the energy usage that precedes to better savings and promotion of sustainability as well. Furthermore, the firm also provides maintenance services to keep the Solar Thermal Systems at its best condition to continue to deliver optimal results.

Activ8 Solar Energies not only supply and install the solar power system but also accommodates the growing demand for solar power production such as in Solar Farm Development. The company’s services include but not limited to the procurement of the components, assistance in every step of the processing of the solar farm construction up to its operation and all throughout the restoration in the near future. 



For more than a decade of operation in the solar business, Activ8 Solar Energies had already established its competence in the industry. Its different range of services is available to be enjoyed by consumers all across Ireland. To date, it had successfully supplied and installed over 9,000 solar systems.


The cost in general greatly varies and depends on the type, the size, and the complexity of the solar system the customer wishes to avail. Apart from that the location and the size of the infrastructure must also be taken into consideration. A qualified team of specialists will conduct a thorough assessment to provide a viable layout of plan and probable quotation.


  • Low Energy Charges – Although the installation of the structure itself is a big investment initially, enjoying decades of relatively low or possibly 100% free electricity and water heating charges is well-worth in the long run. Moreover, solar panel users will be spared the burden of the unpredictable upsurge of energy price in the market. As long as there is a consistent source of sunlight, then the power supply is guaranteed at no extra cost.

  • Sustainability – Over 1,320 tonnes of carbon is offset yearly through the use of Activ8 Solar Energies’ products. This substantially lowers the demand for electricities sourced out from traditional fossil fuel generation. It is without a doubt more sustainable and favorable for the environment in a thousandfold.

  • Diverse Application – Solar energy can be used to power a multitude of equipment. It can supply energy to simple home appliances up to the complicated pieces of machinery in various industries. Most importantly, it alternatively provides electricity to areas far beyond the reach of the power grids.


  • Initial Cost – The principles and benefits behind Activ8 Solar Energies are undeniably advantageous not just for its consumers but as well as the Earth’s highly valuable ecosystem. Nevertheless, the financial cost of purchasing and its installation can be somewhat hefty for some with a minimal budget on hand. Furthermore, its storage in large batteries, which are often used for off-the-grid energy supply during the night time, can be utterly expensive. It can typically cost thousands of dollars for the battery unit alone.

  • Weather Dependent – Inevitable as it may be, any untoward weather disturbance bears a direct effect on the efficiency of the system to consistently provide energy supply. Nonetheless, it is still possible to collect solar energy despite having a cloudy or rainy atmospheric condition. However, as expected it is consequently lower than the normal amount it gathers during days of fair or sunny weather. 

  • Occupies Space – Sometimes when the rooftop of the building is not enough to accommodate the total size of the equipment needed, a bigger land area may be required to set up the entire system. In addition, the location must also be cleared off any unnecessary area of enclosure to allow efficient access to direct sunlight.

Activ8 Solar Energies’ solid years of expertise in the field of solar power provision entitles it to earn the trust of its consumers. From the procurement of materials to installation, maintenance, and even the development of a solar farm itself, the firm offers well-rounded services to cater to the energy needs of a simple household to an upscale commercial business. With endless innovations in technology, the company along with the entire solar industry continues to thrive to develop a solar power system that is far more ecologically sustainable and at the same time,  become a cost-efficient source of renewable energy as well in the years to come.