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Save £200+ per year, get £50 free credit NOW… AND help the planet – What are you waiting for?!

Changing your energy provider is super simple, it only takes 2 minutes – all you need to do is provide your information, they take care of the rest, even talking to your old support and get things moved, so sit back and relax.

If you sign up today, you get a £50 credit added to your account on top of much cheaper prices! 

Mark Todd, expert at Energyhelpline says: “If you want a green tariff and are happy to take the risk of not being on a fixed tariff then Bulb could be a good choice. Anyone who has not switched for some time is likely to be able to save around £200-£300 a year switching to Bulb. But you can also get fixed price green tariffs right now at bargain prices too.”

Mr Todd adds: “All that really changes when you switch is the name on the top of the bill; you get the same gas and electricity but much, much cheaper. You also get the pleasure of knowing you are no longer being ripped off.

If you go green you will also know that you are doing more than most for the environment. A typical UK home has a carbon footprint of six tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year from gas and electricity usage. Two tonnes comes from electricity usage, four from gas. Use green electricity through your adult life and you will cut your carbon footprint by over 100 tonnes. If you heat by electricity and switch to green electricity then that rises to a 300 tonne plus reduction.”

Too many energy companies confuse customers with lots of complicated tariffs – Instead with a single tariff, you know you’re getting the best possible price.

If you are ready to help the planet be ready for the future generations sign up today


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