Lemon powered Supercar- WORLD’S LARGEST Lemon Battery

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I was once challenged to create electricity to support this beast it is Volkswagens carbon-fiber twin-engine turbo than a components one electrical supercar For the upcoming infamous 12 and 1/2 mile Pikes height race to the top of a really high mountain in Colorado and so they gave me no further instructional materials on how they desired it completed So I inspiration how cool to be to charge it up utilizing a kind of science fair lemon batteries And seeing that I’m beautiful certain utilizing just one lemon isn’t going to cut it My plan is to construct the Guinness world record World’s biggest lemon battery and in relation to making ridiculous things no person is better at that than fellow YouTube engineer William P. Osman. The primary video I saw of yours was whilst you bio hacked your dog. How did that work? No longer good we tried to dangle a sizzling canine in front of a dog’s face on a Mechanical backpack and then that you would be able to steer the scorching dog to take a look at to get the dog to vary instructional materials and what he ended up doing was sitting down and consuming him So we have now estimated this should take about three days for us to construct and yet I’ve only distributed Two minutes for this within the video.

So you know what that suggests you propose to your videos We didn’t want our battery setup to simply be a mangled mess of wires So William had the high-quality notion to waterjet out a bunch of copper and zinc strips, which we will then assemble into racks who are the first half of of the racks to be in parallel and that was once in sequence with the second 1/2 of the racks which have been also all in parallel and then at that factor all we had to do used to be impale some lemons speaking of which in addition to harvesting from my own backyard I visited some nearby farms and obtained their type two lemons because of this they could not be bought in stores due to the fact they were either overripe leave out shapen or too small and when one finds oneself in possession of 1232 lemons, seems you can not no longer do that So right here we have now the sector’s largest Lemon battery and now is the second of fact to see just how a lot vigor this would truely make for us but with the intention to fully grasp the outcome, let’s first evaluation how a lemon can also make power in the first place The trick is identifying the correct metals to stay into the lemon on this case Zinc rather wishes to eliminate electrons and then copper rather wishes to accumulate them but they are not able to try this unless they are related by means of some style of electrolyte and that’s the lemon juice once that occurs an electrochemical reaction occurs the bass and the electrons can now move and moving electrons is the very definition of electrical power it’s variety of like how the water up excessive within the full cup naturally wishes to float to the empty cup cut back down but it are not able to do this except you join the 2 with the straw which allows for the water to glide So on this case, most likely the larger cup is the zinc The curb cup is the copper and the straw is the lemon and so then the flowing water represents our electrical power or vigour and so with that we have been measuring slightly below five volts and the quick-circuit current just isn’t high-quality, Mark.

In actual fact, our lemon battery is terrible. Yeah, adore it’s impressive No, the fact that it really works as well because it does is cool. However, as good as it really works shouldn’t be well, does that make any sense? It is senseless whatever you simply said And to quantify the suckiness better that you could hearken to a motor jogging off our 1,200 lemons Versus a single double-a battery So what used to be watching excellent for the auto however we weren’t about to let three days of labor go down the drain So due to the fact the battery produces so little power we use a tiny tiny excessive apparatus ratio motor fifteen hundred to 1 to charge up our capabilities power that is extra lemon so it will have to take about quarter-hour to carry this bag after which we are able to release that each one at once to prompt our lemon juicing mechanism, sincerely like every of these guys are working collectively to like draining the lifeblood from one in all their brethren.

Perhaps this is too darkish k, William moment of reality. I’m so excited. Provide me with a few of that. Cheers. Cheers Wow fresh organic no longer worth 10 hours powerful 12 hours utterly worth it, this is essentially the most highly-priced glass of lemonade you’re going to ever have. Sure, that really is a truth. It is a win in my booklet, I’m going to finish this. I’m now not So we let the lemons trickle charge for a couple of days And after that the complete vigor we harvested for the Volkswagen Racing crew was the identity of a single double-a battery and I should mention that due to the fact the race workforce is busy getting the vehicle equipped For the race in Colorado. They have got sent me this monstrous 48 kilowatt-hour battery that may power itself So the plan is I’ll add any vigor we generate right here in California to this battery after which get this to them in time for the race in, Colorado So the measly lemon power is now within, however clearly I have got to believe of a plan B fortunately I had a thought that is to take some pulleys and a skateboard wheel and a brushless motor then some custom machined aluminum plates and a steel Cable to make a zip line with regenerative braking to charge a drill battery And it seems to virtually be working.

All I wanted now was a celebration with some family acquaintances and their children this is how much energy is within the battery. We have to get it from empty all of the means up to the whole that’s where I need you guys due to the fact that what happens is as you go down on this airline It expenses the battery The worst section about a pipeline is while you need to go down and then drag it back up the hill however I’ve received somewhat remote control right here watch that is that cool? Do you guys need to experience that? Did you equip? Mechanical talents of the sloped Hill disguises it well however the quantity of vigor they are adding to our pipeline process right here by means of strolling up the hill only one time is the equal vigor used for the sector file lifeless elevate And to furnish vigor to their leg muscle tissues we repurposed our lemon battery lemons into recent lemonade and everybody needed to take a drink before strolling up the hill considering the fact that as they are saying when existence gives you 1200 lemons make lemonade Then drive kids to drink it to power your regenerative airline So the zip line was once splendid And we ended up charging up this sort of moveable drill batteries plus just a little extra.

Now for those of you maintaining track at home here’s how I am doing to this point the limits have enough energy to maneuver the supercar about this some distance on a soccer area and then with the lemonade and the kids muscles in the pipeline it may well now journey another two soccer fields The concern is the race is 200 soccer fields lengthy, because of this if we were to take a look at and charge the auto we might be 198 soccer fields brief. So evidently that kind of vigor might not be breaking any files So I’ve got to come up with a plan C and to do that I’m going to harness the power of the sun and in hindsight I ordinarily will have to have started right here on the grounds that for those who feel about it all the vigor sources we use are genuinely solar powered. Oil and coal and typical gas it is simply old decayed crops and swamps that firstly bought their vigor from the solar using their leaves and photosynthesis Even matters like wind mills are rather sunlight powered since the wind blows when the sun heats up the atmosphere erratically within the case of hydroelectric dams the water received to the lake on the excessive side in view that of rain from the clouds and clouds an effect of water that having been evaporated by using you guessed it, the sun.

As people we’re even solar energy given that we get our vigor from plants or animals that ate plants that again get their vigor from the solar so if I used to be watching for some vigor to fill up a battery as an alternative of indirectly and Inefficiently going by way of a bunch of exceptional vigor sources and losing a bunch at each step along the way in which it makes far more experience just go straight to the supply And so with that in mind I busted out the energy tools and put twenty-4 a hundred watt solar panels over our garage however there was a concern with this. When NASA despatched the solar power twin Rovers to Mars in 2004 It failed to take long except the sun panels had been absolutely blanketed in dirt that with no trouble crippled the rover because they couldn’t get as so much vigor from the sun and this was once a large issue however then we got lucky and a mini tornado got here via and cleaned them off restoring the power It turns out these mini tornadoes are virtually lovely original on Mars which is why she continues to be driving around today close to greater than 14 years later. This is additionally partially why on the subsequent Rover we sent to Mars We just killed the issue altogether and slapped a nuclear reactor on the again and whilst California isn’t Mars It does get beautiful dusty here.

To be able to ensure that wouldn’t happen to me I invited over some rather sensible future engineers scientists and creators and after explaining the trouble and demonstrating how severely it limits the vigor output from the panel’s I challenged them to provide you with and build a solution And considering the fact that our brains fritter away 20% of the entire energy our body produces. I made them drink more lemonade to be certain I got a foremost answer and so after pitching each different their strategies, they settled on one and acquired to work in my opinion I inspiration it used to be incredible and it labored particularly well and after they left I hooked it as much as my garden sprinkler method so that they go off for a couple of minutes as soon as every week now and so after a couple of days of being bombarded via photons from house We eventually had the battery all charged up to full capability So ultimately I learned loads and we really pulled it off And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pressing supply closing date to satisfy in Colorado is like lemonade ok, you love it, Eliza,? Ok

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