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– hello, everyone, welcome back. Micro wind mills, are they valued at it? Now, that is a topic of opinion. However, I can provide you with real existence situations right here. I have a micro wind turbine up right here. My residence is one hundred% off grid. So it’s solar powered and wind turbine powered, right? Let me take you guys into the vigour shed real rapid. I wanna go over some things about micro wind turbines. Oh, it is at all times a mess in right here. I keep cleansing it up and it maintains getting packed back in right here. So, here is my off grid method, all people.

That is, I have Tesla batteries, which in actual fact they may be lithium-ion batteries to 18650’s basically, but they’re the modules, correct, in a way. Then we have the charge controllers to our correct. And as we work across here, we now have the DC breakers, and we’ve got the inverters, then we now have the high voltage AC coming out, right? I’m gonna make an extra video on how this all works and the way it’s all connected. Sort of more of a brief description the way it works. But ultra-modern video we’re talking about micro wind generators. So, this over here, this charge controller over right here on the correct, the Midnite solar, this is the 200 model charge controller, k? Now, this charge controller can do solar, wind and hydro.

So I absolutely have it established to do wind, ok, considering I have these other cost controllers here, I’m certainly simplest this one going, considering I have a variety of solar so I do not even need to run this one, but anyway, let’s get back to the windmills right here. So, I am utilizing an MPPT charge controller to maximize the highest amount of vigour I will get from my wind turbine, k. Now that is also justified with the aid of the wind, the wind velocity that’s spinning the hub, spinning the rotor and creating that vigour of power.

So, let me kinda stroll you guys through how this works after which let’s speak a bit bit more on is it valued at it, k? So, let’s go back outside actual quick. (wind blowing) Sorry, guys, it is windy. So we now have the wind turbine right here, okay. It is catching all the wind that is coming to it. It comes down the line, sorry it is windy, guys, comes down the road, correct, it can be a 3 segment, sorry, guys, it is windy, let me kinda get in the back of the shed over right here. K, so the wind turbine over right here is catching all that wind.

And she or he’s spinning away, guys, in real life it’s going so speedy I cannot see the blades. However, now we have a wild three segment AC coming down the pole. It comes down and it essentially comes underneath my energy shed. And it comes up into the power shed, okay. Now when it comes up into the vigour shed, we’ve got this form of lighter gray pipe, this different one here is for my solar, this one is for my exact wind turbine.

So it comes up and it hits a bridge rectifier correct there, so it takes the wild three-phase AC and it sincerely brings it all the way down to a usable DC voltage. Now, the DC voltage can be high on an identical to a sunlight panel. The open VLC on it, is a lot greater than whilst you virtually join it to a battery, correct? Good, suppose concerning the wind turbine in that experience, however besides the voltage is far, way larger, ok? Now, as soon as it hits the bridge rectifier, it sincerely combines it, it makes it where you’ve gotten a usable confident and poor, coming off of it now, right? That huge steel plate or it’s an ancient inverter, I reconverted it to a heat sink.

Given that the bridge rectifier’s changing that wild three-phase AC, in order that block will get sizzling or warm, relying on how a lot of vigour’s being produced, correct? And how much that has to work. So the heat sink does a really first-class job. It maintains it rather satisfactory and in reality cold. So it in no way will get hot, so that’s great news. Or, it gets a little heat when it’s particularly pumping out, like, say, 1,600 watts of vigor from the wind turbine. It might get slightly warm, however, nothing most important. Then from there, those two black, I imply sorry, the purple and black wires correct there, come in and go into the cost controller. The cost controller, all these sorts of charge controllers permit you to clearly bring in a better voltage and then truly, the charge controller will condition that or step it down in an effort to cost your battery bank safely, so I have a 60-volt battery bank here, correct? Lithium-ion.

Now, so what I do is, all I need to do is established these parameters. In any of these sort of charge controllers, you could go in and set those settings up. You realize, which you can say, exhort about a precise voltage, glide at a detailed voltage, cut off at a particular voltage, there may be so many points to that. I’ve movies covering methods to true application a lot of that, so absolutely assess out my other movies, guys.

So, we have a better voltage coming in. The charge controller takes it, steps it down with a view to charging the batteries adequately, however I also stipulations it and tries to get essentially the most vigour at that current moment out of that, anything you have plugged into it, like solar panels or windmills. In my case a wind turbine, right? So, if I stand up practically the display right here, variety of show you guys, that is what’s happening right now, k, we are off-grid, take into account this, we do not need any grid, anywhere close us. So we’re at 500, 600, that’s watts. In an effort to the left, you may have volts, correct? So volts occasions amps equals watts. So this is what’s coming in right now. 500, So I’ve seen this wind turbine do 16, I am sorry, yeah, 1,600 watts.

I do know she’ll do extra, I simply want more wind, proper? Okay, so, now, after it can be been conditioned and the whole lot it comes to backtrack the line and goes straight to the battery to charge the battery. So this is regulating the incoming voltage, to outgoing voltage, the amperage, and it’s trying to maximize all of that, that’s what the cost controller is doing, right? With some caveats, with depending on how you set it up, which you can set these parameters at special set facets, right? So, that is kinda my sweet spot for this sort, for my wind turbine. And it really works particularly well, okay. Now let me take you guys into the house. So, what I’ve here is my show for my charge controller, ok.

This is communicating with the charge controller that I was simply showing you guys. So this gives us a more fancy overview, however in actual fact was once showing us the identical factor that was once happening on the display at the charge controller. Now, when it comes all the way down to is it valued at it, so you guys can see, I’m producing some beautiful respectable vigor from the wind turbine, correct. Let’s go to vigour. So, at present, I’ve already produced kilowatt hours. Up to now in these days already, ok. Let’s go to the daily log calendar.

K, so this is for December. And this is in actual fact giving us the overview of what’s kinda been going down daily with energy. So if we began the primary over right here, as you guys can see, there used to be without a doubt no wind on the 1st okay, so no energy came in. Then on the 2nd, we hade kilowatt hours come in, proper? And now we begin taking place, we have now and now it can be at drift, so you see waft, now that is considering that I’ve solar and wind, correct? So the sun is the work horse frequently, correct. The wind turbine is sort of an increase. It really is a boost. It helps raise you over by means of the night time intervals when it can be dark. But it additionally helps like during the day when you would not have that so much sunlight and the wind is kicking up and produces some respectable vigor. It can aid get these batteries as much as where they have to go.

However on at the present time certainly, the place you see float and float, the solar sincerely expenditures up early, and it used to be in actual fact floating. So it was regulating the amount of vigor that was honestly coming in from the cost controller. So despite the fact that I had a thousand watts of vigor coming in at that moment, it was once clearly tapering it down since I don’t ought to overcharge my batteries, proper. So, that’s what the cost controller is doing, correct, helping us to maintain where the whole thing wishes to be. Then on the 4th day we had, if I get my camera targeted, we had kilowatt hours, then on the fifth, we had zero wind, on the sixth we had kilowatt hours, and now we’re gonna start constructing up.

Ok, so now, seven on the seventh, 1.9, so that’s nearly two-kilowatt hours, on the 8th we close to had four, kilowatt hours, right. Now we go to the ninth, now we’re at 4 factors, I imply, yeah kilowatt hours. On the tenth we had kilowatt hours, that is almost seven-kilowatt hours already, just for that in the future, correct? Then the wind has died down just a little bit, and we had kilowatt hours, kilowatt hours, 7.1, and here we’re today, k? So today, let’s return. So today we’re already at kilowatt hours. It’s still early within the day, so she’ll climb up and the winds are settling on up just a little bit right here, so, let’s go back here load.

It should hit 6 factors something, maybe seven-kilowatt hours today, for at the present time here, someplace around there, depending on the winds right. So, now that form of gives you guys an outline of the month, right, we’re no longer achieved with the month yet, but it kinda gives you an overview of what is taking place right here the place I am living with my wind turbine off the grid, okay? So let’s return. So, having this further energy to pump into the batteries, is a tremendous plus. Let me inform you. So in my view, micro wind turbines, are they valued at it? Surely. Definitely. Because the extra charging sources that you may have particularly if you’re particularly living off-grid, guys, and you are looking to keep your batteries healthful, and totally charged or wherever you wanna preserve the, you understand, the extra charging sources you have from your knowable vigour, the at an advantage you are particularly gonna be, you know? So, to me, micro-windmills are obviously valued at it.

Now, let’s assume I didn’t have winds where I reside, wouldn’t it be worth it? Now, that stands out as the fundamental question for lots of you that shouldn’t have wind, is it valued at it to your subject? So I continuously like to inform persons that, because I’m a form of spoiled. I have quite a few winds, I have plenty of solar, I reside in Hawaii, so it can be a tropical climate all the time. So it’s not like I ought to fear about iciness, snowing, any of that, right. This is sort of an everyday occurrence proper right here, this is daily, proper, nothing relatively changes.

Which is first-rate it’s stable, to a targeted measure. Now for a lot of you that are living within the wintry weather areas, then you guys need to worry about ample sun coming in on your solar. Well, think about it as a wind turbine. In case you guys live in specified areas and you guys should not have enough sustainable winds or typical wind speeds that can justify the wind turbine, then it would no longer make feel for you, right? For the reason that you do need to have the wind with a view to producing the vigour from the wind turbine.

So in the event you only get a breeze once in a while, it may not be invaluable. If you get very low wind speeds at all times, this won’t, windmills may not be the first-class choice for you. So, these are the matters that you simply have to think about. In a wide term, they’re most likely valued at it. Similar to sunlight is valued at it, windmills are worth it, hydro vigour is worth it, they’re all worth it, certainly. But relying on where you live and the way so much power you want and you understand, the atmosphere around you, will justify what you should use more of.

So if you didn’t have a number of wind on your subject then you can also must double up on solar vigour. Or run a hydro procedure of some kind, correct? Now you probably have a variety of wind like I do in my area, then it is smart for me to run sun and wind. There’s my batteries, 60.1. They’re absolutely charged, okay. I have stuff on, proper, in the house. And my batteries are just chillin’ you recognize? Now in the course of the night time time, that’s the place the wind turbine quite begins to perform, due to the fact that you have not sun vigor coming in from the sunlight panels, right. So truly think this, at night time time, ‘purpose this is what happens at night time, that is sinked, what I get proper now, is what I get during the night, right. Of direction the winds choose up or go down consequently, however yeah, it’s, i am getting another, you understand, where’s my chart? Here we go, let’s go back. So, appear I had seven kilowatt hours here, roughly, right here, here, those are massive, lovely respectable numbers for a wind turbine, so, some thing to believe about, guys.

I think they’re valued at it. You may wanna weigh the choices up for you. Do your research on your discipline. Find out what sort of wind speeds do you get, you know, I did a variety of testing earlier than I even put my wind turbine up. However, I already knew I had numerous wind. So, it can be simple, the area I reside in. I mean, I’ve visible this wind turbine, like, preserve in mind, guys, when it hits 500, the dial alterations automatic to a thousand. Then when it hits a thousand, the dial routinely alterations to 1,500 and maintains going up, okay. So if we prior 500, right there, see, it simply transformed to a thousand. So we’re, 900, 33 watts. So I am comfortable I caught that on video for you guys. ‘rationale as soon as it hits over a thousand, it’s going to have modified to 1,500. So like I said, I’ve seen this wind turbine do over 1,600 watts, no trouble. And I do know she’ll do far more. If I needed to wager, she could most often do upwards of, if I’ve seen her do a 1,600 and not using a challenge, 16 to, honestly, I feel she might do a 3,000 watts.

When we getting some heavier winds. I do know she will do quite simply three,000, I know she can do 2,000, no crisis. So, yeah, so I wish to exhibit you guys that. So I hope that’s academic, guys, in case you guys have any feedback, leave a comment, I’ll do my satisfactory to get back to everybody, however, do your study, that is what it all comes down to. Now, there may be additionally a variety of wind generators out there on the market of direction and numerous distinct corporations and manufacturers and applied sciences and stuff, and I’ll be sincere, I have no idea all these applied sciences and all that correct, I am not a company, all I will be able to do is contest to the equipment that I am making use of, in an actual life challenge on my every day off-grid residence that I live in. I rely upon this energy, I rely on my sun vigour, I rely on my batteries to are living, I would like lights at night time, I need my residence to be ready to run, to live comfortably.

So undoubtedly worth it to me. So, anyway guys, thanks for tuning in, and I’m going to see you guys on the subsequent one.

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