On-grid Solar System Cost

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

At present you get to grasp exactly what my sun process cost and why I selected an on-grid method alternatively of an off-grid procedure so stay tuned hi every person this hi this is Andreas from Off Grid Sweden if you have not been right here earlier than I wish to welcome you for the primary time on this channel I show you things that we do on the domicile recommendations and methods studies stuff regarding the home study and of the dwelling and in addition movies like this one if you have not subscribed please do so if you happen to like the content and you’ll get notified on new content material now back to the subject of this video this week the sun set up will have to had been accomplished but set up of the modbus meter is not achieved on the way to be finished on Monday but the whole thing else is finally done now i do know the detailed price of the process and i will break it down for you real easy we’ve got hooked up panels with a whole of fourteen point twelve kilowatt that as a substitute of the twelve kilowatt that was once presupposed to be set up from the opening the inverter can provide a maximum of 15 kilowatts to the grid and is a 3-section inverter why I selected to do an on grid process for now’s for two explanations the first is the comparatively cheap side of it proper now it’s more cost-effective to make use of the grid as a battery and in Sweden you get 30 percentage of your investment back from the federal government you even get a tax reduction of 60 or a per kilowatt hour that you provide back to the grid the 2nd motive is that our residence is strolling on three-segment and all of the battery solutions are in most cases for one phase process as you will discover we get about eight kilowatt of energy in and correct now it can be just a small clouds on the sky seeing that may just now we have introduced in over seven thousand kilowatt hours that 1/2 of our yearly consumption which is relatively notable for this system we will be able to pay two hundred and 1979 crowns to the company that did the job for the complete procedure we will be able to get sixty thousand five hundred and ninety 4 again from the government before this would take up to two years however I already received the letter that they’re going to pay as soon as I pay the enterprise which i’ll do when the Modbus meter is mounted further we had some principal hiccups along the way in which when installing the approach i’ll get into that in one other video so which you can attempt to hinder them for those hiccup we are getting a compensation that is about ten thousand crowns and we additionally acquired eight extra panels the ultimate method goes to rate one hundred and thirty one thousand 300 eighty-five Swedish crowns that is about 9 thousand three hundred crowns per set up kilowatt so is it valued at the funding i would say sure this shall be a game changer for us we will be able to follow up with a video on get paid for the sun you’re producing and considering may just we haven’t acquired any electrical expenditures to pay we sincerely obtained a refund as an alternative proper now we calculate the payback time to not up to eight years however i will do a really detailed calculation and use some methods to get this down much more thanks for staring at and i’ll see you in the next episode if you haven’t subscribed already do so by way of clicking down there on the Swedish flag and then you can additionally click on the power icon up there after which you can get notified the video I bought one over there for you

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