Part 1: Step by Step Solar 🛠 Panel Installation Course. Beginner to Paid Solar Professional

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Hi, staff KB Welcome to step-by-step sunlight. This is an online course that teaches how confidently set up a risk-free sun visor approach. In this video I shall be showing you the small print on a step-by-step blueprint for putting in twelve bounce panels in a position of powering a fridge, two air conditioning items,12 LED light bulbs, two computing device desktops, tv set, small microwave, clothes irons and further 35% for whatever the homeowner wants to add. This is the first of three movies of our element step-by-step solar youtube series that suggests you the way to confidently install a solar panel process for your roof, this series also includes the guide for installing a wind turbine and to add that to your procedure will generate free vigor from the wind in each and night time. The third video in this series show you easy methods to connect the sunlight charge controller, the inverter, batteries and the DC connection field but if you need the full six video series and over twenty additional sun coaching videos and circuit diagrams trust you surely wish to register for the step-by-step solar path, the path will take you from an awfully absolute beginner to a paid sunlight reputable please discuss with group KB.ORG/step by step sunlight.

So let’s get straight to it for this targeted set up we are putting in twelve solar panels each rated at 200 and fifty kilowatts and producing a mix complete of the three kilowatts, this may occasionally producing for five to eight hours per day reading for your location and the time of the year. Right here in jamaica its now summer season so we’ve about eight hours of full productions so we”er generating AOUT twelve kilowatt hours per day so you seize you solar panels, you carry them over and you gonna situation them onn your aluminum rails,proper here we will want a complete of six lengths of aliminum rails two lenthgs og aluminum rails about fourteen ft lengthy and it might preserve up 4 sunlight panels so four tijes three is twelve so we gonna want twelve lenth of these on the bass of the aluminum rail correct right here you’re going to see name L FOOT these are also fabricated from aluminum and these are screwed into the roof and then the fittings is srewed into the aluminum rails so aluminum rails themselves are usually not direct ly in the roof at the finish of the solar panels you gonna have are called the tip clamps and these are shaped like an S per say amd here is a nice photo that you would be able to take shut seem at that and between the solar panels we gonna clutch a further one momentarily you gonna have mid clamps. The mid and finish clamp in situation making use of drills or that you could an allen keys the pinnacle for the fittings that go to the nid and end clamps, the head of the bolts are allen bolts so you would use an allen key to power these in however expedite the approach it’s invariably simpler to grab a drill and use that to put in situation,you must be carful guys, the first that we did on this roof was once install aluminum rails on the backside this helps simply in case probably the most persond putting in panels must slide,GOD FORBID they would not fall off the roof and moreover make sure that your carrying harness esspecially if that is your first installation in case your petrified of heights in case your working in an awful stage please wear your harness so we use our harness to put in the backside row of aluminum rail its kind of combresum once you have put on these aluminum rails so do have the fexibility of taking off the harness as we have now executed right here so first and formost,protection first additionally considering that we are ont the factor of safeguard don’t work alone I REPEAT do not WORK by myself esspecially if puting up the sun panels you do not want to have anything occur to you on the roof and believe me a number of matters can occur its totally scorching up there esspecially in case your doig an installtion in the summer and an additional which you can be dehydrated which you could a warmth stroke that you may have a fainting spell you do wanna have companion there to aid you in case of emergency. In the event you seem over to the left of the left side we do have a raincoat when you consider that its excellent if it’s raining as long as there’s no lightning strike and many others it’s fully first-class to have your raincoat and work via the rain it’s not a thunderstorm or something definitely but when it’s raining that you could go ahead and be ready and work via that as well. So we are tightening up the ed clamps and the mid clamps to be certain that the first solar panel is in a situation and when we”ve achieved that here am grabbing the Allen key and tothing and then we’re going to come on over grasp yet another solar panel and.So you’re taking a seem at this until I take hold of the next solar panel.This set up a twelve panel set up from beginning will have to take you often around fours hours finish for a beginner it may be much less with a greater crew and all the resources you want but if your just a small team when you consider that it’s your first installation its regularly gonna take about half of-of the day to get the whole lot order once more.Once more now we’re bringing over the 2d sunlight panel,please make sure that the electrical wire behind the sun panels are dealing with upward this may occasionally aid once we start making our inter connection and via doing that we create what’s name a sequence parallel connection again the is a 3 kilowatt approach with each and every gruop of four panels producing one kilowatt so we would have four panels in sequence producing one kilowatt and then those three one kilowatts related in paralell giving us three kilowatts in whole an that may go to a department connecter or a mix in a field this procedure proper here is little tedius seeing that the mid clamp may also be little tight due to the character of istallation we ought to tilted the panel and then slide it down so whenever you get a hold of it with you first two panels you simply go forward set up the next mid clamp into series tightning up with the allen key that i’ve executed there and then you tighting between the first panel that has been instal and the 2nd again utilising your allen and now comes the difficult phase i will take my allen key and am gonna go down to the bottom mid clamp and a gonna stretch on over and tighing up again guys to be riskless make certain you’ve your harness on i can not over emohasize that point becaus e sliding off a roof may be very unforgiving take it from me moreover in the step-by-step sun path we will be able to be guiding you via the instruments that yo will nedd for the job finish the safty equipmet and all of the protection precautions and the possibility of being shock through a sunlight panel this is daylight hours set up so we inform you preclude these prospects and moreover we provide the circuit diagram so you have no step pass you’ve got a complete bluprint with the intention to raise you via every single step of the way in which and it is a difficult section i am amking reference to right here am utilizing my allen key a drill would now not be suitable on this difficulty so i must use allen key with an extended improved arm stretched out and just go about fourty levels turns at a time on this part i ought to follow a few hundred and twenty neuton meter of torque to make certain the panels are tight and cushty solar panels on a roof will have to be in a position to with stand a class 4 storm so you wish to have to be certain that youre rails are good comfortable your L FOOTS are srewed proper into your two by way of 4 beams and evrything is well in location and after you have tighten up your 2d panel you place your mid clamps in location and you goona go aead and head on over and take hold of yet another solar panel.So here my assistant Matthew Frator is stepping down selecting up one more soalr panel sure relocating that logo along as good hahahaha and again make sure that wires are faced top of the panel considering that simply imagine connecting these wires off the roof its its its going to be loopy and thats why you set the wires down as you would think there might be placing off the roof and you do not want that in any respect so we tilt the panel slide below the mid clamps take your time be very maticulous and slowly go down you must be pushing it underneath the mid clamp while sliding it down so thats simultaneous action will also be tidius however if you get the hang of it its very very convenient and you be certain that your panels are well aligned that method its meet set up and right here on now we’er opting for up our fourth panel so we’er progressing fairly good now we have now a noce shot at the panels from an extra angle this is all four panels for the first roof your lookinh at one kilowatt of soalr power being established currently and we’er going to go ahead and clutch a different panel and put together for our second roof the second row is a lot easier since geting these mid clamps tighten its its its a vas distinctive but earlier than you begin installign the second row of panels please ensure that you connect your wires right here we have now very limted roof area so we must be very creative typically on a usual set up we might mount the panels and do the connections later however here matthew is going underneat grabbing those wires to connect in series you’re taking the bad ine panel and also you connect it to the constructive of the other an negative to optimistic is a sequence connection a confident to a positive and a bad to a terrible is call parallel connection so here we’er creaing sequence so we’er connecting 4 two fifty watt sunlight panels in sequence which would provide us one thousand watt of power or one kilowatt okay so we heading over its lovely enjoyable we know we’ev long past one 0.33 of he approach so we have now couple extra hours getting the highest rows in and right here Matthew is connecting the last taking out the wires for final pair of panels good so now you take hold of a different panel that is our fifth panel am waiting for Matthew to take it from me good and for the highest row we make sure that the wires are going through the highest so its simpler i might stand on the other half of the roof i’d disconnect and make my inter connections therefore its gonna be a lot less complicated on every entrance yeah together with connecting the panels for the top row tighten the panels for the top rw the aluminum fittings everything is so much less complicated correct mow i’m tighten up the tip clamps on the top row so am on the extreme end of the roof you gonna have end clamps and between the panels you gonna have two mid clamps so just take take your time now whilst matthew and proceed the sun panel set up i simply wanna provide you with a fast analasis of how sun vigor works

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