Purchasing Solar Real Estate In Arizona – Client Testimonial

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

Hello guys Greg Field Greenleaf Realty right here i am interviewing home-owner right here Ken who just purchased certainly one of our solar listing homes we simply need to ask you a few questions cuz a lot of persons are in your difficulty they’re looking at properties to buy and this house happened to characteristic a sunlight hire and also you had some concerns can you talk about a few of your issues about purchasing the home with the solar and the rent itself well my considerations have been that I’ve had no expertise in any respect with replacement power vigour replacement plowin programs and i did not understand how they labored there are an awful lot of electronics that had been all new to me and i had to find anyone who knew about them and was capable to answer the questions that I had and greg has stuffed a necessity for me and would you say that the technical part of the gear you saw used to be intimidating so while you got here and looked on the dwelling and you loved the house otherwise that was the biggest stumbling block to you honestly saying I need to make certain i purchase this house was once just the gear itself scared you yes yeah that’s all like I mentioned it was all brand new to me i am somewhat technically challenged and all these items I puzzled what I needed to do to maintain it up keep it which is nothing it sounds as if yeah and rather then that i’m going along i am waiting to see now for the following few months what my expenditures are going to be as in comparison with what I was doing in different places in the area I purchased this condominium I lived in the area before I bought this house and i do know what I used to be paying there and so I’ve acquired a excellent assessment to see what what’s going on here and would you say that your realtor who’s representing you because the purchaser she failed to relatively have an understanding it appeared like as well concerning sunlight and she was once it was the way to have any individual like myself within the approach to explain the sun to her and to you oh yeah it is indisputably about it she was a natural actual property agent who is out to promote a home and the ordinary things she is aware of about and Greg was the one really who filled every all of the clean spots in for me yeah and that used to be sort of primary to you shopping a solar residence to with sure it is you recognize you wanted to consider cozy that is proper so I feel your experience is what various people have so that’s why we at Greenleaf are really looking to specialize in spelling sunlight properties and that is why i’ve 12 years of sun experience one of the most different things that I wish to factor out that our relationship continues even though you weren’t my client to begin with you are my consumer now to support facilitate if you do have questions involving the apparatus if you want purchaser carrier as I tell you and you and you’ve got executed you call me and that makes it possible for it to be much more secure and extra peace of intellect for you to know that you’ve a telephone quantity to reach out to sure i have on I consider it was once two events now on the grounds that I’ve moved into the house with questions on that process and i by no means hesitated to give Greg a call and he has been responsive very responsive inside within the hour and has answered all my questions to my pleasure best good I need to thank you in your time and thanks for going on camera right here and telling consumers and prospective purchasers what it is like to buy a sunlight residence due to the fact that there’s a variety of worry round that however we agree leaf quite try to make that have as optimistic as viable and that i appear forward to serving to you in the future with this sunlight dwelling and i do know you’ll enjoy your low expenses superb thank you thanks yeah

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