Solar Oven Pizza box Experiment – Solar oven project/Solar Cooker

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Welcome once more to children fun science my name is Ken present day scan is the solar oven as consistently grownup supervision is required what you want for this scan is a pizza subject a skewer foil tape ruler plastic wrap black paper area cutter and a hot day which i’ve as today is a 104 phases in Northern California so we can do the sun oven to set this up i’ll do treated from experiments the primary ones with a pizza box and the second one is a usual subject so i’ll outline the pizza field about an inch faraway from all the corners and so that you curious about these corners like this after which you are going to take a subject cutter and curb that out so that manner the whole traces traced out we’re gonna use a discipline cutter and be very careful field cutter can cut you very badly so have grownup supervision and we’re gonna diminish out three facets so the front of the box that pivots up after I’m chopping proper now and the two points no longer cutting the back part of it you readily want to discontinue about an inch in there after which you might flip it up just like this so you do not cut back all 4 aspects nevertheless will have to you do you could simply tape it on anyway so there it can be that flips up same to that after which now we’ll take some aluminum foil and we will foil the piece that we simply flipped up so go ahead and pull out slightly of foil and you lay it on the again only a bit bit higher than the flipped up piece itself you might be gonna fold it over after which we’re gonna use scotch tape or any style of tape to tape it to the top part of the field which i will showcase you in handiest a 2nd so now I bought the best part of the piece that we cut out and now i am simply taping it so it stays on securely it is higher to have the tape on the outside after which for the duration of the oven on the grounds that of any poisonous fumes that might come off the tape which mustn’t somewhat however this fashion we’re further trustworthy in view that the tape is ceaselessly going to be to the external of the oven and so i’ll tape that all the method so it does now not rip off after which when I get that entire we’re set on that piece of it correct right here and that’s the the phase that the sunlight’s gonna see so now we’ll make like a pitcher window so we’re utilizing plastic wrap saran wrap and we’re gonna go over the top of it and we’re gonna tape it down you wish to have this stretched out satisfactory and tight now my piece wouldn’t duvet the whole subject so eh I might have measured the area and just reduce the piece if I used to be as soon as fairly clever ahead of time and had it in shape this piece however you need to use two extraordinary pieces that i’m going to show you proper here and so ensure you pull that tight after which what we will do is tape the edges and then we’ll come again and tape the backside and then we’ll add a second piece in in only a 2nd so grow to be completing the taping up reasonably quick correct here after which I taped all of the facets and then i’ll add a 2nd piece so now I’ve obtained a 2nd piece on there too now I flip it the entire approach the wrong way up and i am gonna put a 2nd piece of plastic or saran wrap on the bottom phase for the reason that that you do not want any air get in or out and so this might be useful this isn’t obligatory you don’t ought to do that nonetheless I to find it appeared it works beautiful fine for me and it does no longer take a show up on the accomplish that equal factor will get your saran wrap put it in you are gonna use two portions over again tape it all the system down shrink it out so it suits in and i will speed it up and we will get to the aspect the position I conclude i will put it in speedy motion right here and we will get that piece accomplished and reduce it off after which tape this perish particularly speedy after which I add a different piece to entire the entire factor so now I’ve obtained my plastic lid over the cutout element now i’m going to layer the inside of the pizza discipline so the foil is covering the whole backside of the field so you variety of with no trouble want it to fold over to the tip after which you are gonna curb the aluminum foil just about midway to the side of the field that enables you to tape it down once more you primarily do not have got to tape it but I find after you progress it round just a little bit is somewhat bit greater if we tape it so then you are gonna definitely have a second piece right here that you’re gonna quilt up the relaxation of it so after we get the foremost piece here i’m going to cut the foil in any other case you would clearly just measure it correct the most important time the place I i didn’t measure it proper the most important time and then you are just going to tape that piece right right right here and you are going to do this on the same on each and every facet so i’ll pace it up and we’re going to get this executed so i am doing this section right right here I got a fast ahead so it may be going rapid i am gonna put I cut the piece this time as being sensible and finding out from my blunders the first time minimize it in so it slot in simply appropriate i don’t use any tape on the within but i’m going to tape the outsides of them so it holds down then you are gonna cut out a piece of black paper put it on the backside of the pan after which I effectively took a general pipe tin and put my s’mores now the recipe is somewhat of bit distinct correct here as an alternative of striking the chocolate the graham cracker chocolate the marshmallow while you use a sunlight oven I find it better if you happen to occur to use the graham cracker marshmallow chocolate for the reason that that the marshmallow you have got to cook dinner quite longer so it works bigger this trend however which which you can try it each and every approaches and you are without problems gonna shut the the pizza box and in the occasion you think adore it’s no longer closing the entire manner which you could tape the perimeters on in short like you can observe mine’s now not particularly maintaining there so i’m gonna emerge as taping these aspects down after which now I’ve obtained those facets taped you take your skewer and you put it in there is little holes on the a part of the pizza field prop it up towards the little lid now now we have there and we’re gonna tape that in once we get into the sun you desire to have it to point of view the designated perspective so you’ll find there may be enough reflection coming down so for this reason accordingly the title is sun oven the the piece standing up goes to reflect down into the tray and the warmness goes to return up and cook dinner your shmores I did a 2d field right here this subject is slightly bit deeper it can be just a common box it could be any measurement all’s I did was full lining all of it with foil and then I put slightly nook edges round so it kind of goes all of the way round that’s non-compulsory tape down the entire outside of the foil no tape on the within after which I put black on the bottom and then a pipe and that i tipped the fallacious means up I additionally put a thermometer in there so as to see the temperature this time and then I incorporated it absolutely with with saran wrap and taped it so it is certainly sealed in and that i don’t forget that is going to cook a lot rapid considering the fact that it has more field of aluminum so I’ve got two first-rate solar ovens going while we started off at zero it can be already at over one hundred and fifty levels inside that field so we will see the location it will get to so at the same time as i’m competent for my snack to be carried out i’m going to provide an explanation for the science in the back of this so the sunlight cooking is completed by means of the method of the sun’s UV rays it’s not the sunlight’s warmth that cooks the meals nor is the outside temperature although it will somewhat have an effect on the price of the time required to cook dinner as at reward being very sizzling nevertheless rather it’s the sunlight’s rays which perhaps modified into warmth vigor that cooks the shmores or different food so the warmness of the solar is trapped inside the field or the pizza field and it starts offevolved getting very scorching ovens like this work also referred to as collector bins considering they accumulate a sunshine within due to the fact that it sits out inside the sun our oven finally warmth up adequate to soften cheese or and even cook dinner dinner a scorching dog or like shmores like we’re doing how does this all happen good the Rays of the sunshine are coming to the earth on an standpoint the foil reflects these rays and bounces them instantly into the open field as quickly as it can be long gone by way of the plastic wrap it heats up the air that is trapped inside recall we sealed the plastic saran wrap the black paper absorbs the warmth within the backside of the oven so sunlight ovens can attain as a lot as by using 200 levels Fahrenheit which in these days we bought to 225 on a sunny day and it might take rather a little longer to warmness things in a traditional oven although this procedure will take longer it’s alternatively valuable and useful and it’s nontoxic to go away an extended wire vigor from the solar cooks your foods it is a s’more from the pizza subject oven sun oven and you’ll be able to discover the marshmallows very gooey and the chocolate is drastically melted after which i’ll show off you the opposite subject all proper so here we’re heat at 225 levels pull out our s’additional an hour prior your sun oven thanks for watching at preserve in mind to click on thumbs up and just subscribe

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