The GEN – Renewable Energy For Your Home

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

I used to be tired of paying a lot for electrical energy, so I decided to generate my own. Hi. My name is Marcio Pugina, and this is my invention – the GEN. It can be an electrical generator that combines wind and sun technology into one compact unit. For over 2 years, I’ve generated about 50% of my possess electricity, and I’m engaged in a newer model with a view to generate as much as 70%. For a long time my spouse and that i desired to provide our possess electrical energy, however, the only choices to be had have been sunlight panels and windmills, and they can rate as much as 50,000 bucks.

It simply didn’t make economic experience. Plus, what happens when it can be no longer windy or when it can be dark? We absolutely did not want to purchase both. Sunlight panels and windmills also draw a number of attention, and plenty of cities and house owner associations will not permit them. So that is after I mentioned to myself, “I’m an engineer. I’ll simply provide you with my possess invention.” So after working in my garage for over 12 months, I came up with, the GEN. The GEN combines wind and sunlight science. Due to the fact that it’s no longer constantly sunny, and it’s now not normally windy, this allows for the GEN to provide a more steady drift of electrical energy. For the reason that the GEN is somewhat small, it bills so much not up to the possible choices, it fits effortlessly in your roof, very like an air conditioner, and it can be extra commonly approved with the aid of cities and home-owner associations.

The primary month after we set it up, I acquired the vigor bill in the mail, and I used to be shocked. It was to reduce in half. I used to be so excited I called my husband proper away. The notion I had received the lottery or anything. We’re excited about the GEN, and we want to make it low cost for every person. Our goal is to offer an improved model for 6000 greenbacks. Relying on where you are living, that you could truly get again sufficient tax and vigor credits so that you simply come to be paying nothing. Let’s consider that the place you live, the GEN still feel you 3000 greenbacks. Compare that to the alternatives. Even after tax and vigor credits, solar panels on 1/2 your roof would cost 20,000 bucks, and a windmill wood fee 30,000. Now let’s consider you spend $one hundred fifty monthly on electrical power. That is the ordinary American electrical invoice. And if you produce 50% of your own electrical energy, you shop seventy-five bucks per 30 days. At this price, the solar panels would take roughly 22 years to repay.

With an ordinary lifespan of 25 years, the solar panels provide you with only three years of free energy. The windmill would take about 33 years to repay. With a common lifespan of two decades, a windmill would never pay for itself. The GEN, alternatively, would take simplest about three years to pay off. With a traditional lifespan of 20 years, that offers you as much as 17 years of free vigor! Not handiest does the GEN make economic feel, it helps you end up self-enough and higher prepared within the case of a typical catastrophe or vigor outage.

Plus it can be reliable for the atmosphere. Various individuals had been asking me, “So Marcio, when can I get one of those?” well, that is the place you come in. We’d like your support to elevate $60,000 so that it will start manufacturing the GEN. The one I have on my roof has worked pleasant to this point, but it’s only a prototype. The more modern model is a patent pending design, with further sun panels and an accelerated alternator and wind turbine, and it’s going to be manufactured here within the U.S. And it’s going to generate as much as 70% of the electricity you need. We want no less than $60,000 to get began, but in truth, the more money we elevate, the extra GENs we will manufacture at a decrease fee, making it more cheap for everyone.

So please, click on the golf green button to donate, and support us make the GEN a truth. You’ll even get a fab reward when you do. Additionally, share this video with your family and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for looking at.

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