Top UK Electricity Providers


Bulb Energy Ltd. is the biggest green energy supplier in the UK. It guarantees to deliver 100% renewable electricity sustainably sourced from various reliable generators of wind, solar and hydropower. The gas supply, on the other hand, is only 10% green as of the present time. Nevertheless, Bulb ensures to continuously support international carbon-reduction projects to offset the emissions from the other 90% of non-green gas produced. Thus, upholding its commitment to provide to its consumers a greener, at the same time, simpler and cheaper energy as well. Bulb is currently our number 1 recommendation, as they hit the top spot on all metric, Price, Customer Service, Ease of Change and Trust Pilot score as of today, you can still get additional £50 credit by switching to Bulb.


Octopus Energy, a subsidiary of Octopus Capital Ltd., is the largest investor in the solar farming industry in the UK. Even though the company itself does not generate its very own energy supply, it warrants to only provide 100% renewable electricity that are consciously sourced from different green generators through the Power Purchase Agreement. Furthermore, the company strategically procures its energy in bulk beforehand to ensure a sufficient level of supply and maintain its tariffs at a competitive price point as promised to its consumers.


Bristol Energy is currently the biggest among the short list of municipality-owned energy companies in the United Kingdom. Founded and operated by the Bristol City Council, the firm supports the local industry of green energy generators by establishing favorable trade agreements to provide its consumers with 100% renewable electricity and presently 15% green gas at a guaranteed fair price. A great advantage of being publicly-owned is that the profits are deliberately reinvested back to Bristol to finance sustainable community projects for the welfare of its own people.


Ecotricity is an established energy company that primarily generates power from its vast farms of windmills and wind turbines. Pioneering the green energy revolution in the UK, the company dedicates in delivering 100% renewable electricity to its consumers. Notwithstanding, it’s gas supply, though frack-free, is yet to be completely green as soon as its own gas mill projects become operational. The firm targets to innovatively make use of the widely available grasses to sustainably produce gas. Apart from being eco-friendly, Ecotricity takes pride to be the only energy company in the UK that has been officially registered in The Vegan Society.


Good Energy is a reputable supplier of 100% renewable electricity sourced out from its wind turbines and solar farms across different locations in the UK. Aside from producing its own, the company additionally purchases green energy from over 1,400 independent generators to further augment its supply. Good Energy also provides gas to its members. However, it is still not 100% green as of the present time. With that in mind, the company purposely invests in various carbon-reduction programs in certain areas of Malawi, Nepal, and Vietnam to rather offset the emissions produced from its consumer’s non-green gas consumptions.


Scottish Power is one of the most long-standing energy supplier and distribution network operator in the United Kingdom with a history dating as early as the 1900s. With the recent shutdown of its coal-fired power stations and the sale of its very last gas plant, the firm has finally transitioned to become a bona fide green energy company. It was a bold yet equally essential development after decades of operating traditionally in the industry. Nowadays, it is supplying 100% renewable electricity and gas to over 5 million domestic and commercial clientele all over the countries in the UK.


E.ON Energy UK, formerly called “Powergen”, is a subsidiary of the global firm E.ON. It is known to be part of the “big 6” companies leading the energy market. At present, it claims to be the second-largest supplier of electricity and gas across the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is also established to be one of the biggest owners and operators of sustainable wind farms internationally. The company goes beyond just providing power to the British customers, its business extends to other neighboring regions in Europe such as Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Sweden. Plus, the inclusion of North America too. 


British Gas is without a doubt the oldest energy company in the United Kingdom. Even after more than two centuries later, it is still standing strong and domineering the industry. Now a subsidiary of the multinational firm, Centrica PLC, British Gas has become one of the “big six” companies that vastly supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the UK. From traditional power generation, it has learned to evolve with time. Thus, it opened its doors and started to transition to more sustainable and environmentally-responsible solutions.


nPower, formerly known as Innogy PLC, is another UK-based energy generator and supplier. It is also one of the “big six” companies dominating the industry. As of this moment, the firm is said to be catering to more than 3.75 million British households and business establishments. nPower generates power mostly from natural gas which accounts for almost 60% of its total fuel mix. It is then followed by other non-renewable sources such as coal and nuclear power. Nonetheless, the firm also offers green energy that is sustainably derived from various wind, hydro and solar power plants across the UK.


EDF Energy, a subsidiary of the French state-owned Électricité de France, is considered as one of the largest producers of low-carbon electricity today. The company also competently leads in the development of new innovations in the nuclear power industry. EDF Energy’s electricity and gas supplies are acquired from various renewable and non-renewable sources produced from its very own network of power stations, and as well as purchases from the wholesale energy market and different independent generators all over the regions of United Kingdom.