CleanChoice Energy

From personal motive into a budding business, this is how CleanChoice Energy all came to be.  It was in the year 2010 when its CEO Tom Matzzie realized the inaccessibility of clean energy to regular consumers. Struck with that plight, he saw an opportunity to develop a renewable energy business himself to provide a solution to this dilemma. Thus, CleanChoice Energy was established. With its initiative to transform the energy market and actively combat climate change, the firm is now supplying 100% renewable electricity to thousands of households and establishments across certain states in America.


CleanChoice Energy is technically an energy supplier rather than a utility company. That being said, joining the firm will not cease the ties between the customer and its existing utility provider. Instead, CleanChoice will collaborate with the utility company as a third-party supplier to ensure that all the energy consumed by its users is replenished with duly verified 100% renewable energy.

Every kilowatt-hour of electricity the firm purchases and supplies come with a corresponding Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) to guarantee the credibility of its greenness. The power provided by CleanChoice Energy is sustainably sourced from more than 50 wind and solar farms across several regions in the United States. As a gesture of support, the firm opts to purchase from newer electricity generator facilities to promote the growth of the renewable energy industry. 


CleanChoice Energy is a US-based green energy provider. It is currently servicing domestic and commercial enterprises in certain states. That includes Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.


100% Solar

99% Wind + 1% Solar

From 11.80 cents / kWh 

up to 16.40 cents / kWh

  • 12-month fixed price
  • Cancel at any time
  • No cancellation fee
  • No hidden fees

From 9.20 cents / kWh 

up to 13.70 cents / kWh

  • 12-month fixed price
  • Cancel at any time
  • No cancellation fee
  • No hidden fees

*Prices are in USD.



  • No Change in Utility – CleanChoice Energy is not a utility company. Instead, it courses through the utility providers to supply renewable energy to its customers. That being said, it is no longer necessary for the client to sever ties with its existing power company. Furthermore, it is also more convenient since there will be no installation nor service interruption when switching to CleanChoice Energy.
  • Industry Support – The firm also lends a hand to independent energy generators by choosing to prioritize sourcing out its green power from those facilities in a way to support the development and progress of the renewable energy industry. 
  • Community Involvement – CleanChoice Energy also enables the public to take part in initiating changes to promote environmental conservation by giving them chances to be members of the company’s community solar projects. 




  • Aggressive Marketing – There were numerous online reviews complaining about how persistent the company is when it comes to telemarketing and sending email notifications. Most find it bothersome since the option to unsubscribe or request for removal from the unwanted marketing list is not working properly.
  • Tend to be expensive – CleanChoice Energy does not generate its own green electricity. The company only purchases its supply from various independent producers in the wholesale energy market. Hence, pricing varies from time to time. 
  • Limited Availability – At present, the firm offers limited services to a handful of states only. Nevertheless, its plan for expansion is underway already.


CleanChoice Energy is a commercial energy supplier that aims to improve the accessibility of Americans to renewable electricity sources. As the conscious public comes to realize the irrefutable importance of reducing one’s carbon footprints and fighting against climate change, the company’s urge for sustainability had found solid ground in today’s energy industry. Albeit small and new, the company is just on the right track in achieving its goals in delivering a cleaner and greener electricity across the United States.