Two decades ago, 98% of energy in the UK came from fossil fuels, a major contributor to the peril of climate change. Looking forward to initiating a difference, the founder and CEO Juliet Davenport established Good Energy in the year 1999. It is a British company aspiring to provide a cleaner and greener supply of electricity that could help transform the future of the energy market. In 2002, the company made its first share offering. It was such a success that it enabled the firm to purchase the first commercial wind farm in the UK, the Delabole Wind Farm in Cornwall. Thereafter, Good Energy continued to thrive with more new sustainable projects under its wings. From wind power, to tidal, then solar, and biogeneration, the company persist to provide 100% renewable energy to households and businesses.


Good Energy is dedicated to supplying 100% green energy, those that only come from certified renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and biofuels. The company buys this renewable electricity from over 1,400 independent generators. Apart from that, Good Energy has its own energy farms too. The wind turbines in Delabole, Hampole, and Willow farms has contributed to more than half of the electricity consumed by its customers. On the other hand, ever since the firm commissioned its first solar park in 2014, it has now been operating up to 8 power plants located in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire, and South Wales.

A cleaner, carbon-neutral gas is also one of the main products of the company. In fact, 6% of it is biogas which is produced from the decomposition of organic raw materials such as farm wastes. However, because it’s gas supply is not yet 100% green, the company instead offsets the emission from the customer’s gas consumption by investing on verified carbon reduction schemes in certain areas of Malawi, Nepal, and Vietnam.  The programs not only help in effectively lowering the carbon emissions, but it had also provided these communities with additional health, social, and economic benefits as well.

As of April 2017 up to March 2018, Good Energy’s fuel mix is largely sourced out from the wind which constitutes to about 57%. Next is from biogeneration at 20%. Not far behind, the solar power contributes 18%. Lastly, the hydroelectricity shares at least 5% of the total energy supply.


Currently owning and operating two wind farms, eight solar parks, plus the support of local independent generators in as much as 1,400 different locations, Good Energy is determined to supply 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas to consumers all throughout the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, the endeavor of the company to fight off climate crisis and truly make a difference is not just confined within the UK. Its efforts to provide clean energy and sustainable projects had also reached few areas on the other side of the world, that includes Malawi, Nepal, and Vietnam.


The cost of both the electricity and gas tariffs basically depends on the region where the user is situated. The figures shown below are the range of prices for each tariff.

Domestic Electricity Tariff (Standard Meter Prices)
Standing Charge (Pence per day)Unit Charge (Pence per kWh)
28.81 up to 32.9617.84 up to 19.87
Domestic Electricity Tariff (Economy 7)
Standing Charge (Pence per day)Day (Pence per kWh)Night (Pence per kWh)
31.14 up to 35.2919.52 up to 21.4011.26 up to 13.07
Domestic Gas Tariff
Standing Charge (Pence per day)Unit Charge (Pence per kWh)
31.574.81 up to 4.98


  • Green Energy Initiatives – Good Energy is not just about supplying renewable electricity and gas to its consumers. The company is also proactive in leading activities with fundamental importance concerning climate change, awareness-raising campaigns, scientific research, and other innovative projects that would help transform the future of energy.
  • Ethical – Good Energy’s ethical principles in business are not mere ink on paper. It is attested by its recognition from The Good Shopping Guide for being one of the most ethical companies in the UK for three years in a row already.
  • Accepts Bristol Pounds – Good Energy is one of the few companies that accept payments in Bristol Pounds. It is basically a local complementary currency that aims to support independent traders in Bristol thereby improving the local economy of the community.
  • Good Customer Service – The company gathered quite positive feedback from its consumers in general. Many commended the efficiency of the firm’s support team in addressing the concerns of its clients. In fact, the Which? magazine had awarded them three times as the best utility company for customer service, and once in 2014 as the best energy company for customer service.


  • Flawed Application – Good Energy’s mobile application had flawed features. Customers complain that they cannot access some functionalities like viewing of the current billing statement and sending of meter readings.
  • Smart Meter Reading – Few customers expressed disappointment over the use of smart meters. As per their experience, the actual readings were not taken into account properly. Instead, the company was said to have been using rough estimates only basing on the client’s history of previous consumptions.
  • Billing Issues – There were several instances where the customers reported inconvenience regarding their billing. Some claimed that they had been charged with discrepant rates despite the consistent submission of actual meter readings. Meanwhile, others asserted that they had been overcharged through direct debit. 

Since day one, Good Energy had firmly established its role to pursue making a difference in the vital yet then unsustainable energy industry. The company devoted its time, effort, and billions of pounds to consistently deliver a renewable source of electricity and carbon-neutral gas to its consumers across the United Kingdom. Its dedication to counteract climate crisis along with its remarkable customer service allowed the firm to gain various recognitions from different organizations. Moreover, Good Energy was given a great rating score of 7.9 out of 10 in Trustpilot as of writing. This only proves to show that all the hard work of the people behind the company is in no way put in vain, and thus indeed flourished with a positive change in the way it intends it to be.