Arcadia Power is a US-based energy company founded in 2014 by its CEO Kiran Bhatraju. Growing up in an environment powered by coal-fired plants, he quickly realized the adverse impact it had on its community. Taken aback by his previous experience, he had since then envisioned to provide people the fair opportunity to choose cleaner and greener energy.  Thus, Arcadia Power was created with a business model encompassing this condition. 


Arcadia Power is not an energy provider. Rather, it is a company that initiates the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs on the consumer’s behalf. In that sense, being a member implies that at least 50% of the electricity consumed will be derived from renewable energy sources. Despite signing up with Arcadia Power, the client will still retain its connection with the existing local utility provider. Therefore, they would still be supplied with the same electricity at around the same cost more or less.

Essentially, the entire power generated is transmitted into the national grid. Regardless if it came from renewable or non-renewable sources, it will all end up being mixed together in one place. On that note, it is likely impossible to have a direct supply of green electricity to the client’s own home. Nonetheless, the RECs that Arcadia Power provides allows its customers to offset its carbon footprint instead. So basically, the firm empowers ordinary citizens by giving them the choice to utilize clean energy. Moreover, the increase in the demand for renewable electricity sources would subsequently bring forth a positive impact on the environment.


Arcadia Power is based in Washington. Since its launch in 2014, it has managed to grow its community across the 50 states in the US. It is currently affiliated with 11 wind farms and 20 solar projects nationwide. The company has now been delivering its services to around 250,000 domestic and commercial establishments.





  • 50% Wind energy
  • Price alerts
  • Personalized energy dashboard
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Start & stop anytime with no contract

1.5 cents per kWh

  • 100% Wind energy
  • Price alerts
  • Personalized energy dashboard
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Start & stop anytime with no contract
  • Discounts on home efficiency products
  • Special rate on community solar

*Prices are in USD.



  • Free Plan – Aside from environmental intentions, the free plan is probably one of the reasons why people are drawn to sign up with Arcadia Power. The plan entails every member to have 50% of its energy supply credited from renewable energy sources without paying a single dollar on top of the usual billing.
  • Increases the Demand – At present, only 13% of the total energy supplied in the grid is derived from various renewable sources. Utilizing electricity with RECs through Arcadia Power will fundamentally increase the demand for clean energy sources. In effect, this would subsequently increase the percentage of green energy poured into the grid as well.
  • Online Dashboard – This is a very helpful tool that would help consumers keep track of its existing usage among the many other useful information. Apart from that, it also helps the user to find options for energy rates that would possibly cost lesser. This feature, however, is available in certain states only.




  • Availability – The type of services and plans available essentially depends on the user’s location. Some features that are accessible to some states may not be applicable to other areas at this moment. 
  • No Direct Renewable Energy Supply – Signing up with Arcadia Power does not necessarily provide the consumers with direct access to renewable energy. Instead, the generic electricity it had consumed along the way will be replenished with cleaner energy in the same amount. Furthermore, it also triggers an increase in the demand for renewable energy within the locality.
  • Premium Plan Cost – As always, premium things will likewise come with a premium price too. Thus, customers availing Arcadia Power’s paid plan may end up paying a little bit more than their usual billing amount. Nevertheless, if the ultimate objective is to have access to 100% renewable energy, then this matter must not be taken negatively. A top-up rate of 1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour seems to be a fair price to pay for a cleaner and greener future. 


Arcadia Power, though fairly new, was already able to establish a good reputation in the market as well as in the hearts of its consumers. To date, it had garnered an excellent rating of 9.5 out of 10 in its Trustpilot scoring. This only proves to show that the company is capable of effectively delivering the services it promised. Moreover, the firm’s community-driven impact resulted in the production of 680,000 megawatt-hours of clean energy up to date, and expectantly more in the years to come.