Which Batteries Are Right For Me?

Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Matthew Donnelly

Hi there, sun people! My name is Jeremy Allen, sunlight design tech right here at Wholesale solar. Lots of you have been calling in with questions on backup power and energy storage for your home and business. At present we’re gonna take a minute to answer the question, “Which battery is proper for me?” in this video, we will be able to discuss the diversities between the most fashioned forms of batteries used to store power from your sunlight array. The first type of battery we’re gonna speak about in these days is lead-acid. Lead-acid science has been around for over one hundred fifty years, is 99% recyclable, and is supplied at a fee that may fit practically each budget, making them the excellent option for many of my consumers.

I want to factor out there are two specific varieties of lead-acid batteries. The primary battery that we’re gonna talk about today is the flooded Crown CR430. These batteries work extremely well in off-grid methods. These are built to be cycled on a daily basis, they do breathe so they do off-gas. Being that they are off-gassing, you will have got to ventilate them accurately and hold them accurately. But leisure certain, I am gonna furnish you with the instruments, the know-how, and the help you must get essentially the most out of your batteries for years to come. The Crown flooded battery is superb on your off-grid power wishes, whereas a sealed AGM-kind battery would extra probably be used in a backup hindrance. In addition to the us-made Crown line of sealed AGM batteries, we feature the Fullriver DC400. Now, these are superb to your battery backup obstacle: your off-grid hunting cabin, your trip dwelling, far off telecom situations.

Anywhere the place you’re now not gonna be competent to discuss with these batteries most likely, you’re gonna need a sealed AGM. Sealed AGM batteries are spill-proof, non-hazardous, and require little to no preservation. So whether or not you’re watching for off-grid energy or backup energy, I have a flooded or sealed lead acid alternative for you. I want to take a fast minute to talk about some rising technologies coming into the enterprise. Lots of you’ve in most cases heard a thing or two about lithium technology.

Such as the AC battery from Enphase energy, or LG Chem’s Resu battery, or all of you might have heard of the Tesla Powerwall. Lithium technological know-how has created a lot of pleasure in this industry, and rightfully so. They come with larger vigor density and cycle life in comparison to the lead-acid technology that we have now mentioned previously in this video. Nevertheless, as with any new technology, there will probably be some drawbacks. These batteries do come at a bigger fee, would require extra accessories, and albeit, have a large unknown on how they may react in actual-life occasions.

Yet another battery that we prefer to work with right here at Wholesale sun is the aqueous ion, with a view to offering identical cycle existence and reliability to that of the lithium ion, however, has a trustworthy, non-poisonous chemical make-up. Specially composed of salt water and different nontoxic and usual substances, these batteries are non-flammable and have an awfully high tolerance for abuse. Like lithium technological know-how, the aqueous ion will come at a bigger upfront price.

But these batteries offer risk-free, responsible, lengthy-lasting energy storage. Determining the proper battery financial institution for your residence or industry may also be difficult. Wholesale sun presents predesigned and customized energy storage systems so one can provide you with reliable, dependable, and cost-robust power when you need it most. Provide us a call or stop by way of our internet site to gain knowledge of more. My name’s Jeremy Allen, I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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